Chicago Insects - Red Admiral and Cicada Killer

Here are a few more insect finds on my daily commute in Chicago.
First we have a nice red admiral resting on a large white flower in a landscaping area.
These red admirals are really tame making photos easy.
I usually see them in the morning on my commute while it is still a bit cool out.
Early in the morning they sit on sunny areas to warm up their wings. You can often pick them up and they wont even fly away.
Now for a critter you don't want to pick up.
This is a cicada killer aka Sphecius speciosus. This one was a bit over 2 inches long. It was being savaged by a house sparrow and got its front leg damaged a bit. I wonder if that tiny sparrow would survive a sting from this guy?


That is a Good Question!
Probably not, I would think...
Very Nice Shots,
As Always!

Not sure I would survive either lol.

I know what You mean there!

Nice :-)

Thanks :-)

The butterfly looks very big, and also has a very beautiful color, it must be very difficult for you to take it ... Good work, friend, I hope you will always be blessed ...

These ones were easy since it was cold outside they stayed still for the photos.

Oh.. But they are very wild,

Nice shots and beautiful photography!

Thanks :-)

Great close ups of these beautiful insects 👍

I wish I could have got a better shot of the wasp's face.

Not easy when they are in flight mode 😅

Nice shots and beautiful macrophotography friends 😊

Today I just chased a very beautiful black butterfly but it was restless, although I had patience to wait for it, it did not return to the flower where it was feeding. Congratulations, excellent catch.

It might have been a black swallowtail