Flowers are made for the insects to sip it's nectar

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It's so amazing to know the balance of nature. Each is connected to each other which forms the cycle of life.

During my Wednesday walk, I've gathered some wild flowers and placed them on our table. I intended to replant it when roots begin to show. When I woke up in the morning, I was touched when ai saw a little butterfly atop the pollens of the yellow flowers. I can see that this kind of wild flower is heavily coated. Perhaps, they're created for the butterflies!


Perhaps the butterfly found it more attractive that it flew to the top of my arranged flowers instead of flying over the meadows.

See, it transferred up and down the flowers!




Well, I just hope that it won't lay eggs among the leaves of my caladiums because I just found a big caterpillar this morning! It's amazing to see how fast it has consumed the whole branch of my ivy plant and spotted caladium.

Honestly, I was sad but there's nothing I can do for now. It's the kind of life these insects have evolved and turning into a beautiful butterfly!

Thanking this amazing community for their love of fascinating insects.

Keep safe everyone!

Till then,



Sige lang sis, 45 days lang man ang life cycle anang butterfly. Yun nga lang nahurot na ang dahon sa imung Caladium. kanang imung red wild berries like mura man na siya ug Christmas Wild Plant ang tawag. Daghan sa dalan. Mutubo kung "BER" months na.

Mao lagi. Maayo Lang ug masakpan daun hehe. Kanang red berries bisan dili ber months naa ra sya. Pasagdahan nlng nko k nice man pud lantawon

Aguy naubos ang dahon , kinain sa unsa nga ulod?

Lagi oi, lagot kaayo, sa ginhawa nako ug padaku. I guess it's a brown moth because of its color and size. Minsan, maliit na green naman. Butterflies are nice to look at especially when they fly above the flowers but beware once their eggs begin to hatch and attack the leaves of your plants.

Beautiful wildflowers. The yellow would make an excellent selection for the Color Challenge Yellow Day. If you haven't done so, check it out in the Color Challenge Community.