An elegant looking visitor ~ a Blue Mint Leaf Beetle!

Something is roaming around our backyard she looks really fancy with her "bling".



Honestly, she looks like a gem. A moving and breathing emerald if you ask me.




The shin on her back looks very similar to how an emerald reflects & refract the light on it or through it.



My fascinating visitor is a little shy as she keeps moving around the leaf. I did a couple of shots that are too blurred which I don't feel like including here in my post. I'm just thankful that I made some decent images of it before it flew away.

By the way, even her name sounds fancy...

Blue Mint Leaf Beetle

Have a nice day!


Wow, what a beauty. Would love to photograph one of these. Great shots.

Thanks! It's a challenge to capture it since my lens is not fast enough to follow its movement.

I'm glad you like the photos :)

Hi photocircle,

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