A tiny visitor wandering around the garden

in Fascinating Insects2 months ago

Finally, we have a visitor! After a few days of scouting around the garden, I found someone that will go nicely with my macro photo journal. Initially, I thought that it's a small monarch but upon closer look, I realized that it's a moth.

It has a striking orange pigment all over its wings and a relatively long antenna.



I had to be careful while taking the photos since it's sensitive enough to fly away whenever I get too close to it. Shooting behind its back seems working just fine. It doesn't appear bothered at this point and so I burst 2 shots until it flew away to the extent that it's unreachable.



It's quite a challenge to capture one of these in their own habitat. They are very good at evading. And since they move fast and often; a fast shutter speed is a good starting point for the camera settings. If your sensor is not sensitive enough to the light, you will need to boost the aperture and turn it as wide as possible to get enough light for the sensors to detect.

Have a great day!