An unusual incident.


This wasp liked our sandwiches so much that it decided to have a bite.

I will show you two of our wasp species in this post.

Luckily we never panic in nature and Marian allowed the wasp to walk on her hand. He might have stung at a sudden movement, or a jerk, but she was cool, calm and collected.

An uninvited guest arrived and decided to join the party on my wife's hand.

It is a "Yellow Jacket" (Vespula germanica) and he likes ham.

Now here is a different type of wasp.

This is a Black Potter (Delta emarginatum) wasp on the plant here.

It looked like he was searching for some nectar.

They are known as pest control agents.

Here is more information about the wasps in South Africa;

The order contains about 198 000 species worldwide of which the southern African region has over 6 000 species. The term 'Hornet' is a European and American term for some species of the Family VESPIDAE. The 'Yellow Jacket or Vespula germanica is a species that has been introduced to the western Cape and which can form very large colonies.

And That's All Friends!

Note: All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the pictures.

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Oh wow. I was stung by a wasp whilst in the shower the other day and it hurt like a mother fluffer.. 😂... Beautiful pictures!! ❤️

Hahaha and shame I am sorry.
I think there are many Saffers that's been stung by a wasp my friend.
I myself was hammered 5 times on my chest by one and I looked like a female for a while due to the swelling 🤣

How are you guys doing there on the island, still in lockdown?

Cheers and !BEER

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can't blame the wasp it looks tasty ;)

Greetings to you Sir Mick. How are things with you as it's been a loooong time.
I saw you were re-blogging my stuff, but thought that you were only doing it part time and so I decided not to contact you.

Are you back full time now?

nah not fulll time back just powering down and collecting need to fund some things, and while i wait 13 weeks i might aswell upvote coment and repost every now and then ;). I already left steemit and facebook not sure if i will leave this too but for now i just need the money .

Ah okay, I understand and keep well my friend.

I made the mistake of accidentally weedeating a wasp nest once...that stung...

Oh yeah we know that sting very well as I was hammered once 5 times on my chest by a wasp.
So I bet that you are careful nowadays 🤣

I use a broom stick to remove their nests under the eaves of our roof.

They like good food and don't eat that much if they don't arrive with their whole family for dinner 😉

Keep calm and they won't sting you, but I wouldn't bet on it 🐝

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, oh yes entertaining the whole family could be very dangerous, as one would not get enought food and the decide to lead the others on a war path.
Fortunately there is a water fountain and some pools nearby where we can become deep sea divers 🤣

True Hannes, they will only sting if they feel threatened.
Or when they don't like you 🤣

Cheers and thanks.

And you think the wasps are not patient enough to wait until your noses stick out of the water for breathing fresh air 😁

Yep, I have also been stung a few times although I didn't disturb the wasp - she just flew towards me and stung 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Good morning Hannes,

Hahaha, you brought an image of a huge swollen nose into my mind 🤣

Yes, at times they pick their targets at will and if they cannot eat it, then they sting it 🤣
Maybe the wasp wanted some mountain goat meat 😉

Cheers and thanks.

Good afternoon Zac,

not the nose, but an eye brow and my half face got swollen ... including the nose 🤣

The mountain goat would have stung back and eaten the wasps including their nest 😁

Cheers and !BEER

Hi Hannes,

I know how that half face damage feels and looks 🤣
Since my boxing days I have not had many anymore, but one morning I woke up and the left side of my face was totally lame. I even struggled to open left eye and my mouth drooped on the left side.
So we went to a doctor and I was told that I had "Bells Palsy", a condition that makes one's face to droop.

Thankfully after 2 days it dissappeared and my face restored itself, but it was a real fright.
This was about 5 years ago and never appeared again.

Cheers and thanks.

Oh yes, I know how you must have looked like and it would have scared me quite a lot, I believe. I think after your face looked normal again you must have been scared looking into a mirror for a while 🤪

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, I cannot tell you what a fright I had my friend. Not so much about the face, but my eye lid refused to open fully.
Thankfully the doctor was right for a change and when I could see right again, I rushed to the mirror to see that everything was back to normal 🤣
Can you believe that they can't fully explain Bells Palsy?

Cheers and thanks.

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