Butterflies all around

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Butterflies, who does not love them? With their colourful wings spreading and dancing in the air, the butterflies will bring joy always. Got to be patient if you wish to photograph any, as they can be too naughty and not willing to pose. But when they do, then it is so lovely to see them from every angle and to put them in frame.

Now I have made bunch of photos of different butterflies and I tried to identify them. Of course I could be mistaken when I name them. If you find any discrepancies, please leave your comment.

And here we go with this rather common butterfly which I think is Common Blue Butterfly.


Spreading its wings, the butterfly shows how nice this blue colour is and you can see the veins.


The butterfly turned around to continue feeding from the dandelion.


That way it helped me to shoot from another angle and to capture its face and how it sucks the nectar from the flower.


It did not stay still, but kept moving around, folding the wings. Now, you can see how different they are, the forewings - blue and the hindwings - brownish with white spots with black dots in the center.


It looks like completely different one.

My next encounter was with this butterfly, very well hidden with its camouflage colours.


Here I am not quite sure I could identify it correctly. I got no photo of its forewings, just this one and I don't remember how they look like. Next shot is a close up of the head.


Does anybody know what is the name of this butterfly?

Moving on to the next one. It could be mustard white butterfly or cabbage white?


Next two shots I believe are cabage white.



Next is the small copper or common copper.

Like the common blue, the small copper got its name based on the colour of the wings. Wonderful orange with black dots.



I can't get enough of it.


It is very rare to capture more than one butterfly, but having two different ones, this is sheer luck.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of butterflies.


Thank you for viewing.

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Wow! So many beautiful butterflies!! Would love to have two dozens in my garden!!

I would love to have them on my balcony too, 😀

Damn sexy...


@nelinoeva, beautiful butterflies and very good photos I congratulate you and thank you for sharing.

Thank you kindly for viewing my post!

This is really a amazing collection of butterflies you have made them all look so beautiful the way you have photographed them especially the Common Blue Butterfly i love that color just stunning 😊

Oh, thank you. 🦋
I love butterflies and if I have a house with a garden, I will make sure to have plants that will attract them.

And what could be more wonderful then a garden with beautiful butterflies 😊

This id truly one amazing post of butterflies they are all so stunning to look at well done @nelinoeva 👍

Thank you! I have these photos stored and almost forgotten. I am still chasing butterflies hopefully to get some more photos before the winter.

I always love seeing butterfly posts they are just a amazing insect you keep chasing them will be looking forward to seeing some more butterfly post from you. By far you have picked the two most challenging topics birds and butterflies both hard to chase but your doing well at it.

Have a great weekend my friend 😊

Butterflies are way more challenging than the brds I think, but I will keep on chasing them. 😀🦋

Have a lovely weekind too!

Do agree on that butterflies way much harder 👍