Insect Сurculionibus exeduntur

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When walking in the park, I always look at plants and flowers in the hope of finding some kind of insect.

And finally I saw the weevils.
For so many years I saw them for the first time !!!

But while I took out and turned on my tablet, they disappeared :-(

My searches were unsuccessful.
Frustrated, I continued my walk.

On the way back, I decided to look again in the same place, but
having already prepared your tablet.
What if I get lucky again ?!
And lucky!
And the main thing is that they were not averse to posing :-)

And here's what information I found about them on the Internet.
Сurculionibus exeduntur

These weevils are called curculionibus exeduntur.

Weevils larvae develop in the stems of grasses and in their roots.

"Weevils" come in different wood colors - from gray-black to light beige, up to 3 cm long, pear-shaped body. The elongated shape of the head, as it were, with a "trunk" is characteristic. Phytophages - i.e. the larvae feed on plant tissues.

Weevils feed on almost all types of plants.
The larvae can harm field, vegetable, garden, forest crops."

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet








We have them here too! They are so cool and weird looking :D
Great find!

Thank you so much!
I didn't even know that they are in Cyprus, so I was very surprised and glad that I was able to photograph them!

Hahahaha the weevils were getting lucky too, getting ready to make more weevils 😈

The meaning of their life :-)

And ours, haha

😂 😂👍

Hi ludmila.kyriakou,

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@curie Thanks a lot for your support!

Wow! Strange Looking insects! We don’t have them here; I never see these before!

I saw it for the first time too!
Maybe you have them, but you haven't seen them, like I did before

I’ll be looking out for these weird insects! LoL

I found it, maybe you will find it too!
They are very funny.
Good luck!