Amazing how wasps build their nests from the ground.

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Vespa affinis


Hi all of you..
Collecting dust grain by grain, that's what this wasp does, continuously pacing to the ground and back again to the tree, out of curiosity I tried to see what it was doing, it turns out that this wasp is building its nest from the soil and dust it collects, it's amazing what I saw today.

Friends, what I briefly tell you is the opening of our meeting today, one of my stories today is about wasps endas.

The endas wasp that we or I saw today has the Latin name Vespa affinis, this type of wasp belongs to the Order Hymenoptera which comes from the Phylum Arthropoda. Wasp endas or wasp Vespa is a social insect and also as a predator for insects or other arthropods, which are smaller than him.

Some facts about endas wasps:
  • In the body shape between male and female, female wasps are larger and longer than male wasps.

  • The largest population of this wasp is in the tropics in general, Southeast Asia is the largest habitat for this wasp.

  • The male endas wasp does not sting, only the female wasp stings, and the sting is very painful.

  • Endas wasp food is the same as other types of wasps, namely flower nectar, but this wasp also preys on other insects.

  • Stings from this endas wasp in some cases, have caused death in humans.







When I took this picture of the wasp, I managed to take some pictures when the wasp was making a nest in the tree, but this picture is not clear because the distance is a bit far. when you feel threatened.









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Wow I've never seen this type if wasp before! They look pretty scary.

Interesting that only the femals stings as well.

Thank you..