Leaf-eating Green Insects

Good afternoon my colleagues, wherever you are, on this opportunity I will again make one of my posts with the theme of photography which will certainly show some appearance of insects.

Today I visited my friend's house to be precise not far from my house, therefore I passed several trees and also some fences that did have some plants there so that there would be some insects which were very suitable for me to capture.

I was interested to see one of the insects in the corner of a small tree there. He was crawling and I approached the green insect Then took some of his photos

Some of the images I have taken are posted below. I'm also a little late editing this image so that the lighting is brighter I'll see you in my next article

Green insects

Green insects

Green insects

Green insects

Green insects

Green insects

Green insects

All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone

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These insects look very exceptional and interesting to look at, quite dark green and seem calm to me. But to be honest, your photographs have been quite perfect.

thank you @hafizullah , I'm still in the learning stage too, after some time off

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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