DRAGONFLY. Nature's most formidable insect.


Scientific name: Anisoptera
Class: Insecta
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Arthropoda
Order: Odonates

Dragonflies are one of the most effective predators that exist in the kingdom of Nature, it is an excellent pest controller... its metamorphosis is very interesting, its aquatic nymphs live in it for several years depending on the species, they feed on tadpoles fish fry and even nymphs of the same species... they transform their shape until they reach adulthood to finish their metamorphosis and thus become these beautiful insects that attract our attention; they usually live 4 to 6 months. Dragonflies are an insect that provides an important service to human beings since they collaborate in the control of the population of flies and mosquitoes that bring us so many diseases, including one of the most devastating that is Malaria. Their transparent wings are arranged in 2 pairs, one front and one rear making this formidable insect fly at really fast speeds to catch its prey its very well developed eyes have a 360º coverage very useful to catch its prey this insect can fly in all directions, up, down, forward or backward until they remain motionless in the air the dragonflies are truly formidable is a true living fossil from the Carboniferous period, their ancestors could measure up to 70 cm from wing to wing, they lived 300 million years ago being insects quintessential predators of primitive Nature.




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