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Yesterday, while preparing the photographs for a series of posts about insects and spiders on the plant called Spanish broom (Spartium junceum) ...

P2000001 malo.jpg

... I found some shots taken on the surrounding vegetation ... those photographs didn't fit well with the rest, so I collected them here ...

IMG_3449 malo.jpg

... in this unfocused post with some interesting, but random flora & fauna from the coastal area not far from where I live.

IMG_3457 malo.jpg

These Yponomeuta cagnagella caterpillars ...

IMG_3451 malo.jpg

... have built large, communal silky shelters on the shrubs.

IMG_3462 malo.jpg

This ant was photographed while feeding on the small flower nearby ... you can see the caterpillars blurred in the background.

IMG_3445 malo.jpg

This juvenile Agalenatea redii spider was resting on the web made by caterpillars.

P1780216 malo.jpg

Here you can see the adult moth.

IMG_6090 malo.jpg

This is another, pretty different moth ... one of the many small moths I encounter during the warm part of the year ... I don't know the name of the species.

IMG_7048 malo.jpg

These are the very common Malva sylvestris flowers.

IMG_7045 malo.jpg

This is the lovely flower of the Verbascum sinuatum plant ... and on the following photograph ...

IMG_6091 malo.jpg

... you can see the lush growth of Rosa canina flowers.

IMG_8288 malo.jpg

This Coccinella septempunctata lady beetle ...

bubammra ruka SAMO MALO.jpg

... was photographed on the hand of a friend ... while being photographed by this friend as well.

IMG_3617 malo.jpg

These ants are working around the aphids.

IMG_5628 malo.jpg

These Crematogaster scutellarisants were photographed while running around the oak leaf.

IMG_5615 malo.jpg

Here you can see some acorns from the same tree ... and the Hairy Scale-cricket resting on them ...

IMG_5617 malo.jpg

... on this shot, the ant entered the scene.

IMG_5639 malo.jpg

This is some minuscule pottery ...

IMG_5641 samo MALO.jpg

... made by some wasps ... I don't know which wasps exactly.

IMG_9373 malo.jpg

Here you can see another wasp species unknown to me.

IMG_9361 malo.jpg

This interesting creature ...

IMG_9370 malo.jpg

... it's a nymph of some planthopper species.

IMG_5389 malo.jpg

These are the green, unripe fruits of the Smilax aspera plant.

IMG_8480 malo.jpg

This is some small beetle ... I have no idea about the species.

IMG_9318 malo.jpg

This colorful beetle is the Cryptocephalus bipunctatus leaf beetle.

IMG_5647 malo.jpg

This is a detail of some grass.

IMG_3501 malo.jpg

Here you can see a crab spider on some flower.

IMG_3503 malo.jpg

Here is some minuscule beetle ... on the same kind of flower.

IMG_5424 malo.jpg

Some small blue butterfly ... I don't know the exact species.

IMG_6138 malo.jpg

A half buried snail ... probably just an empty shell.

IMG_5566 samo MALO.jpg

The small fruits ...

IMG_5567 samo MALO.jpg

... of the Lonicera etrusca plant.

IMG_5437 malo.jpg

The very common Argiope bruennichi spider ...

IMG_9589 malo.jpg

... a young nymph version of some cricket ... and that's it ... this collection of random plants and small invertebrates photographed during the summer of 2020 is over ... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


Hi borjan,

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@tipu curate :)

some small animals are very beautiful to look at and cool ..... very good and amazing aim.

Oh, what a nice reminder what was the summer...but we are heading again towards it ☀️

The spiders are really cute 🕷️ 😎

Happy to be headed towards the summer :) and more colorful days with more outdoors activity ... although this winter period comes handy to organize the photographs from the warm part of the year ... yes, many spiders are surprisingly cute :D some hairy ones are a bit like eight - legged alien teddy bears ... or something like that ...

That is true as well. more time for organizing.

Btw, I had once an encounter with a hairy black eigh-legged alien teddy bear. I was swimming in the pool and I saw something black, I thought it was my black hairclip that fell from my hair. I grabbed it aaaaaaaaaaand it was a black hairy spideeeeeeeeeer 😱

:D Must have been a really memorable encounter - for both!

It was 🤣

It seems like a random collection, but somehow it's not. So much activity going on, unnoticed if you didn't stop to take a look (a shot). Beautiful pictures.

Thanks. There is a lot to see through the macro lens in summer ... in spring and autumn as well ... fortunately the winter is short.

extraordinary photographs as always a neat and admirable work.

Thank you :)