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RE: Butterflies all around

in Fascinating Insects β€’ 6 months ago

This id truly one amazing post of butterflies they are all so stunning to look at well done @nelinoeva πŸ‘

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Thank you! I have these photos stored and almost forgotten. I am still chasing butterflies hopefully to get some more photos before the winter.

I always love seeing butterfly posts they are just a amazing insect you keep chasing them will be looking forward to seeing some more butterfly post from you. By far you have picked the two most challenging topics birds and butterflies both hard to chase but your doing well at it.

Have a great weekend my friend 😊

Butterflies are way more challenging than the brds I think, but I will keep on chasing them. πŸ˜€πŸ¦‹

Have a lovely weekind too!

Do agree on that butterflies way much harder πŸ‘