Two Mating Rainbow Shield Bugs

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I was finally able to take the macro shots of these two mating rainbow shield bugs in the late afternoon around the bush. The thing was, I had to play hide and seek with them as if they seemed unhappy with the camera or they hated me, was trying to ruin their mating time. I thought, they went a separate way by the time they noticed me coming, but they did not. It was too bad to do so when you had a great time with your couple. I prayed for they did not make any more moves so I could be able to get closer to them and see how did they keep the life cycle. Known as rainbow shield bug (Calidea dregii) or metallic shield bug belong to the family of true bugs that has a particularly striking body-covering which make them the most beautiful insects you will see. While the underside of the bug is red or pink, the brilliant yellow-green back with the black dots shimmers in the sunlight.









CameraSmartphone Oppo A57
CategoryInsect Photography
LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macrolens

Beautiful colors of this coleopter. Excellent photographs

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