Fascinating Insects: Rainbow Shield Bug (Calidea Dregii)

The rainbow shield bugs mostly live in the commonplace that belongs outdoors, in bushes or in little wood. Amazingly, bugs that come from the order of the insect family are easily identified by their straw-like mouth formations called stylets, used to extract juices from plants. Bugs also use a plate-like shield to protect their bodies. Like this rainbow shield bug (Calidea dregii) that has a particularly striking body-covering making it one of the most beautiful insects. While the underside of the bug is red, the brilliant blue-green back shimmers in the sunlight. Luckily, it did not make a significant move which allowed me to take the shots from various angles. So, here are some macro pictures of the rainbow shield bug that I took a couple of days ago somewhere around my backyard.







CameraSmartphone Oppo A57
CategoryInsect Photography
LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macrolens

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