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Period 1 is finished and the ralliers all had to adjust to the rally rules and staff. Yes, we are fierce and strict, so that might be a thing you needed to get used to. We love you all don’t worry.

We say you all made 41 challenge blogs & 33 outside the rally assignments like personal blogs and 2 contest entries. You made more than 103 hive all together.

In discord we had 4 chat quizzes and we gave out many tokens.
The 12 days were :

A. To get to know us staff
B. To get to know your fellow ralliers and maybe future friends.
C. To get acquainted with the must do's for the rally and the payments
D. We got to vote for your wonderful blogs :

Challenge 1: Tips & Rules
Challenge 2: Discord rooms Quest
Challenge 3: Curation Blog

The Rally 100 made 47 hive total on 3 required challenge blogs only
The Rally 500 made 56 hive total on the 3 required challenge blogs,
so the challenges we give you all make YOU money, and this is without all the blogs you do on your own. The challenges will give you a chance on the delegations.

And we noticed that most of you wait until Sunday to join in one or the last challenge. We advise you to do each challenge when it's published, make a draft in Peakd, or make note of it if you are busy. We had 12 days and 3 challenges, so not that much.

You asked questions and sent a lot of DM’s; you asked questions in the wrong rooms and to fellow members instead of staff; and you got to promote the blog you made and voted for fellow redfish in the server that also voted for you.
The personal blogs were lovely, but won't earn you the Terminal delegation I am afraid. But in the end, you all did what was possible, and we thank you for that and wish you well for Period 2.

Out after this period are ( by own choice or the staff )

We hope to see you thrive on hive and we will meet again on one of your blogs or in the Terminal #general-chat

Let move on Ralliers to Period 2 , and from all of us staff

G O O D L U C K🍀




A reputation of 53 or lower.*

Six months or lower in account age.*

Less than 500 SP/HP.


No history of blacklist or plagiarism.

*This is looked at on a case by case basis by The Terminal team.


The Redfish Rally was created to help all Redfish learn and grow. The Redfish Rally Contests are for the calendar month, beginning on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month. Of course, during the month long Rally, you may continue to publish your regular blogs. However, as a Redfish Rally participant for the month, there are other assignments for you to complete.

The Terminal's goal is to:

  1. Help you get to 500 SP or 500 HP as quickly as YOU can;
  2. Teach and encourage you to create QUALITY posts;
  3. Encourage you to network and meet new people so you can become a productive member of the Hive and Steem Community.



In addition to your regular blogging, just follow these simple rules:


• No APPICS blogs will count toward Weekly Challenge participation rewards;

• Actifits or Caturday blogs will only count toward Weekly Challenge participation rewards when accompanied by 250 words and 2 photos RR-100 and 4 photos RR-500;

• VIDEO blogs will only count toward Weekly Challenge participation rewards if they are 1.5 minutes in length (90 seconds) and accompanied by 100 words;

• Participate in the RedfishRally Weekly Challenges.
(i) The Weekly Challenges are PRIMARY, and REQUIRED in order to be able to participate and earn in the Rally;
(ii) The Weekly Extra Challenges are VOLUNTARY and provide additional writing experiences and chances to learn. However, you MUST complete the Weekly Challenge first to be able to receive credit for the Extra Challenges.
(iii) You are only REQUIRED to complete 1 Weekly Challenge each week. However, you can complete as many of the Weekly Extra Challenges as you choose each week.

• All blogs that you complete for the Rally must contain a minimum of: 250 word count and 2 photos for Redfish Rally-100 participants; and 500 word count and 4 photos for Redfish Rally-500 participants AND be posted in the appropriate #post-promo-100 or #post-promo-500 room IF you want them to count towards your participation.

• IF your blogs are not posted in the appropriate #post-promo-100 or #post-promo-500 room, they WILL NOT be counted towards your participation.

• You may post all other blogs you publish in the appropriate #post-promo-100 or #post-promo-500 room IF you want them to count towards your participation. Remember, the blogs must follow the rules for which ones are allowed in the Rally;

• You are required, per TheTerminal discord guidelines, to support one other Rallier each time you place your links in your appropriate post-promo rooms. Before placing your link, display support in the following manner:
Supported: @JaneDoe
link to your blog:

• Write good-quality posts, while trying to improve each week;

• Chat in the RedfishRally rooms daily if possible (excluding weekends), engaging with the Rally Staff and fellow Ralliers, asking questions, and seeking help when you need it.

• FOLLOW THETERMINAL and HEYHAVEYAMET Accounts, just to be fully engaged.


Each Rally is a first-of-month to last-of-month time period.

Registering will take place the time prior to the First of each month.

We collect the raw reputation in the or website the first day of the month (or when the person registers) and then take the raw reputation on the last day of the month and make the decision based upon that difference.

Upvote suggested but not required.

Resteem or reblog not required, but appreciated.

Please note: an upvote, resteem, or reblog will in no way affect the outcome of the contest.



So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to participate in next month's contest! The only thing you have to do is let us know either in the comments below or in The Terminal (just click the banner below), then just start posting and commenting! That's all YOU need to do!



Una reputación de 53 o menos.*

Seis meses o menos en edad de la cuenta.*

Menos de 500 SP / HP.


Sin historial de listas negras o plagio.

*El equipo de The Terminal lo analiza caso por caso.


La Carrera de Pececillos Rojos (REDFISH RALLY) fue creada para ayudar a todos los Redfish a aprender y a crecer. Los Concursos Redfish Rally se desarrollan durante un mes calendario, comenzando el 1o y terminando el último día del mes. Por supuesto, durante el Rally de un mes, cada participante puede continuar publicando sus artículos habituales. Sin embargo, como competidor del Redfish Rally,para cada mes en particular, hay otras tareas que debes completar.

Los Objetivos de La Terminal son:

  1. Ayudarte a llegar a 500 SP o 500 HP, tan rápido como puedas;
  2. Enseñarte y alentarte a crear publicaciones de GRAN CALIDAD;
  3. Motivarte a establecer contactos y conocer nuevas personas para que puedas convertirte en un miembro productivo de las Comunidades Hive o Steem.

El personal del Redfish Rally sólo puede lograrlo si asistes y participas cada semana del Rally. Si se pierden alguna semana durante el mes, no podrán continuar con el Rally. Sin embargo, puedes solicitar volver a participar en el Rally de los Peces Rojos en el futuro cuando tu tiempo lo permita.


Además de tu publicación habitual, solo debes seguir estas simples **REGLAS **:


• Ningún blog de APPICS se tomará en cuenta para las recompensas de participación del RETO SEMANAL;

• Los blogs Actifits o Caturday solo se incluirán en las recompensas de participación en el RETO SEMANAL, cuando estén acompañados por un mínimo de 250 palabras y 2 fotos, en el caso de los RR-100; y 4 fotos, para los RR-500;

• Los blogs que contengan VIDEO solo serán considerados para las recompensas de participación en el Reto Semanal, si duran un máximo de 1,5 minutos (90 segundos) y van acompañados de, al menos, 100 palabras;

• Es obligatorio participar en los DESAFÍOS SEMANALES del RedfishRally.

(i) Los DESAFÍOS SEMANALES son PRIMARIOS y REQUERIDOS para poder participar y ganar en el Rally;

(ii) Los DESAFÍOS ADICIONALES SEMANALES son VOLUNTARIOS y brindan experiencias de escritura adicionales y oportunidades para aprender. Sin embargo, DEBE completar el DESAFÍO SEMANAL primero, para poder recibir crédito por los desafíos adicionales.

(iii) Solo se REQUIERE que completes 1 desafío semanal cada semana. Sin embargo, puede completar tantos desafíos semanales adicionales como elija cada semana.

• Todas las publicaciones que completes para el RedfishRally deben contener un mínimo de: 250 palabras y 2 fotos para los participantes del Redfish Rally-100; y un recuento mínimo de 500 palabras y 4 fotos para los participantes del Redfish Rally-500.

• Si sus blogs no se publican en la sala apropiada de #post-promo-100 o #post-promo-500, no serán contados para su participación.

• Puedes publicar el resto de tus blogs, no relacionados con el Rally, en el salón que te corresponda; #post-promo-100 o #post-promo-500; si deseas que sean agregados como elementos de tu participación. Recuerda que los blogs deben seguir las reglas permitidas para cada tipo de Rally;

• Se requiere, según las pautas de la Comunidad La Terminal en Discord, que brindes apoyo a otroscorredores, cada vez que coloqueslos enlaces de tus publicaciones en los salones de post-promoción apropiados. Antes de colocar tu enlace, es muy importante que muestres el respaldoque has realizado a otro compañero, de la siguiente manera:
Supported: @JaneDoe (Enter)
Enlace hacia tu blog.

• Escribe publicaciones de BUENA CALIDAD, y has todo lo que esté a tu alcancepara progresar cada semana. Recomendamos mejorar la ortografía, la gramática, los colores utilizados, los separadores, la forma de presentar la escritura y las imágenes, así como los métodos más adecuados para demostrar la procedencia de los elementos (fotografías e imágenes) propios o tomados de internet. La sencillez es la esencia de la elegancia y el buen gusto.

• Conversa en las salas de RedfishRally todos los días, si es posible (excluyendo los fines de semana), a fin de que interactúes con los miembros de TheTerminaly los otros corredores. Es oportuno que sepas que puedes hacer todas las preguntas que desees y busques ayuda, cuando lo necesites.

• SIGUE las cuentas THETERMINAL y HEYHAVEYAMET, solo para demostrar que estás completamente comprometido con esta actividad.


Cada Rally es un período del primer mes al último del mes.

El registro se realizará el tiempo anterior al Primero de cada mes.

Recogemos la reputación en bruto en el sitio web o el primer día del mes (o cuando la persona se registre) y luego tomamos la reputación en bruto en el último día del mes y tomamos la decisión basándonos en esa diferencia.

Se sugiere pero no se exige la votación.

Resteem o reblog no requerido, pero apreciado.

Por favor, tened en cuenta que un voto, un resteem o un reblog no afectará de ninguna manera al resultado del concurso.



Entonces, ¿qué estás esperando? ¡Inscríbete hoy para participar en el concurso del próximo mes! La única cosa que tienes que hacer es dejarnos saber ya sea en los comentarios de abajo o en La Terminal (sólo haz clic en el banner de abajo), y luego sólo empieza a publicar y comentar! Eso es todo lo que tienes que hacer!

Interested in Delegating to The Terminal?

This would enable us to connect and engage with even more new Hivean or Steemean accounts. If so, please contact @brittandjosie or @thekittygirl in the Discord Server The Terminal or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us to help others.

Your Personal Terminal Discord Invite

Esto nos permitiría conectar y participar en más cuentas nuevas de Hivean o Steemean. Si es así, por favor contacte con @brittandjosie o @thekittygirl en el Servidor de Discordia La Terminal o abajo en los comentarios. Apreciamos su interés en ayudarnos a ayudar a otros.


Why not visit their account @heyhaveyamet today?

¿Por qué no visitar su cuenta @heyhaveyamet hoy?

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal
Para obtener más información sobre cualquiera de estos proyectos, visite: @heyhaveyamet o @theterminal

See you soon !

Te veo pronto !

Staff, the Terminal
Personal, la terminal

Date : sunday 12 july

Fecha: Domingo 12 Julio

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Hello Ladies!
Stopping by to say "Hi"!
Wish You both an Awesome Upcoming

Hi @lesmann Thank you for stopping by to see what has been happening in the Summer Edition for the Redfish Rally. Appreciate your support and encouragement.

The Best People On Hive!
Have The "Best" Week!

He friend thats so nice and we like that you come by and peak in hahahah

Greetings, I am very happy for my participation in this first period, although I entered late to the same one, since I am new in Hive and I did not have news of this challenge, but I made the application to enter and they accepted me. Therefore, first of all I want to thank you again for the opportunity.

Secondly, I would like to emphasize that this is really a contest where you do not only compete simply for the economic incentive, no, I certify it because also through it, the knowledge and tools you acquire are invaluable. Magnificent and useful to have a good performance within the Hive platform.

@jesusalejos thats such an compliment and i thank you on behalf of justclickindiva and myself because its a lot of work. You did a great job, just now we published the payday blog and we start period 2 this afternoon with the first challenge. We have 4 in 2 weeks so that is do able. And chat when you have questions ,
Have a great day

Nice participation efforts and rewards in the Redfish Rally Summer Edition. I hope the Ralliers are looking forward to their Period 2.

Hola un cordial saludo quisiera participar, que debo hacer?