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A special birthday greeting goes out to


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sgt-dan (or "Sarge" as he is known to friends on the blockchain) has been here a long time, relatively speaking, being one of the early-adopters. He has been involved in many communities and projects and works tirelessly to promote the blockchain and its benefits.

One of the communities Sarge has supported almost since the beginning has been @theterminal and its related projects. Not only has he written many posts that mention what we do, but he is also a Patron, delegating some of his HivePower to us. We are very grateful and fortunate for all the support he has given us!

Sarge is a man of simple tastes and is a down-to-earth individual. He proudly served his country in the military for many years and has the same sense-of-duty to his family, especially his sister. He has also stood-up for various causes in the past, and is not afraid to make his voice heard for what he thinks is right. He loves animals and has enjoyed spending time with critters, everything from compost-worms to horses and everything in-between.

Please join us in wishing @sgt-dan a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Check out one of his recent posts:


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You all do not know how much your birthday wishes mean to me. I am choked up reading all the well wishes. Thank you all ever so much. May G-D bless each and every one of you today and every day.

Happy very good late birthday @sgt-dan, I wish you a wonderful year upcoming with health and blessing to more teach us ;)
Big hugs and love.

I love that Gif-comment 😊😃😻
It's cool, thanks.😂


happy birthday @sgt-dan 🎂

Thank you, sir!

Happy birthday sarge, it's been awhile but things not going lately on my part. That's I haven't been in touch with you guys. Anyway it's your birthday, so have a wonderful day sarge.

Thank you for the birthday wish!

Happy birthday @sgt-dan

Felicidades @sgt-dan

Que disfrutes mucho en tu cumpleaños!!!

abrazos , hug .


Felicidades @sgt-dan!!!!
Que disfrutes mucho de tu cumpleaños!!!


Happy day my dear @sgt-dan, have I already told you that we love you? 😁
The post explained quite accurately who are you but I would add that you are a real one, not a fake image of what one would expect. You’re sincere as hell and really friend of your friends.
We just cannot live without your presence... 🤗🤗🤗❤️


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Happy birthday to you @sgt-dan. Sealth and long life. To celebrate with all that life is a instant


A wonderful Happy Birthday to you @sgt-dan, I don’t know you personally but I’ve heard nothing but positive praises and achievements about you. You are truly a force to reckon with. May your new year bring you amazing possibilities in the midst of impossibilities, and may all your heart desires also be granted. Happy Birthday!!!


The happiest day is the birthday, although one more is added to our age that is not relevant. Happy birthday @sgt-dan and may it be many more years. Here is a Colombian-style birthday song.

Ayiee Prima. What a wonderful birthday present. You have made my day! G-D bless you my dear lady.

Your welcome, I hope you enjoy your day.@sgt-dan and please send me my piece of cake haha

I had no cake, a great deal of vino though!

Cheers my dear friend, for your life.

Thank you.

I am without words. G-D bless you for this. I no longer feel alone. You can not fathom how much the sharing of this video has meant to me.

G-D bless you and yours. Blessings and groovy vibes today and every day my friend for you and those you love!

Yeah man! Really happy that you like it!😀
I wish the same to you and family!!✌️

Thank you!




Good morning and a very very very Happy Birthday @sgt-dan

I hope that peace and serenity are your best companions.

A bear hug

Happy Birthday @sgt-dan 🍾🎂✨⛵️


dear friend, you are always spot on, critical and lovable and we cant do without you, thanks for being “in” with us.

Happy birthday dear Uncle Dan (@sgt-dan).😄
Enjoy your life listening music.😉


I wish you a very Happy Birthday, @sgt-dan

Happy birthday,

appreciated @ sgt-dan

Have a pleasant new year of life