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How began my last day?

Today, I woke up at 9 O'clock, washed myself and eat a good plate.

I will take you with me and my friend to another Switzerland tour.

Switzerland is really beautiful especially in Summer, we are lucky to have wonderful landscapes around us. After this crisis, even if for everyone nothing is over, I still try to enjoy life and savour what nature offers to me.

For this third challenge, I'm going to take you with me for a little walk around the region. I like this place very much, when I want to go to the lake and have a quiet place, it's there that I often go.

With my childhood friend, we started walking from Peseux and went down on foot with each one of us with a bag and a bottle of water to drink as it was very hot.

We went down towards the lake.
WhatsApp Image 20200724 at 18.15.46.jpeg

As you can see there were a lot of people out by the water. This made us want to go swimming but unfortunately for us, we didn't bring our bathing suits.

Walking on the edge of the forest right on side of the lake, it so was cool. It's crazy how these times I appreciate nature more than before...

At the lake

When we arrived, we unfolded my little tablecloth that I had taken to sit down and we talked. Watching people pass by, running and living, we were talking about a podcast we would like to put together.

Look what we found on the beach that washed up...
A huge duck, too beautiful, I want the same one... It's incredible how spacious it can be, children and adults alike are in adoration in front and inside 😇

WhatsApp Image 20200724 at 18.15.56.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200724 at 18.15.44.jpeg

We stayed under the shade discussing and writing all afternoon and on the way out we stopped for an ice cream.

On the way to home

We decided to go back by a footpath but a little flatter because I didn't want to make too much effort.

Of course we took the time to take a break and take some pictures. The path was quite narrow, on one side there are beautiful luxurious villas and on the other side the vineyards overlooking the lake, it's just beautiful.

WhatsApp Image 20200719 at 19.18.00.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200719 at 19.18.04.jpeg

Look at this wonderful view, wow.
WhatsApp Image 20200719 at 19.18.04 2.jpeg
How I would love to live in such a house in the middle of the vineyards and have wine and grapes in abundance hihi...

It's beautiful and it makes me dream...

WhatsApp Image 20200719 at 19.18.02 2.jpeg

We stopped at a letter box full of books that people deposit or take. I picked up a German book.

It's good for me because of my studies. It's a book full of tests to evaluate myself. It is a nice discovery, cool.


Then back home.

It was cool and the day I spent with my friend did me a lot of good and hapiness.

Thanks for reading big hugs 😘

All pictures have been taken taken with my Wiko. Page dividers from @cryptosharon.

GIF made by my Ralliers friend @sirpee6.



Great pictures of Switzerland, thanks for sharing ;)

Thank you very much, have a wonderful up comming week 😊

What beautiful scenery in Switzerland. The vinyards are awesome. Thanks for sharing your day with us through the Terminal SNAPfeed Challenge. I appreciate it. Hope you're feeling well and take care of yourself.

It was a wonderful and a shinny day. I am happy that you liked it @justclickindiva.
Oh yes, there's many amazing vineyards here, we are very lucky!
I am felling slowly well, thanks. Take good care of you too and stay safe, big hugs 😊😚

What a nice trip through Switzerland, I'd love to move there right away. I'd also love to live in a house in the middle of the vineyards and now I also want to have a big lifesaver in the shape of a Unicorn hahaha.

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! Take care of yourself. I send you a big hug!

Thank you friend @maryed, you are always welcome in Switzerland.
Come to visit once if you have the possibility.
Happy to discover that you also dream about it... 😍
Big hugs to you too and stay safe ❤️

Thank you Sister for sharing a little lovely piece of Switzerland.

You are welcome dear Sister @kerrislravenhill.
I'm waiting for you to show you around and why not to discover unknown places myself too 😊😌

Hi, friend @misschance

I loved your photos of those beautiful places you toured.

I can see that you live in a quiet and cozy place

I hope you have a nice week