Delegations coming to an end, time for a new round

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Good evening from Australia wonderful people of the Terminal I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoying the weekend.

It's that time where I run another competition for a 250 Hive delegation to support redfish grow their accounts. Last competition was a great success and I couldn't decide who to delegate to and I got my dates wrong so it saw me delegate to 3 redfish.

Those winners were @kemmyb @sunnyag and @zanoz

Please note their delegations don't formally end until Monday when they will be recalled and redelegated for two weeks to a new redfish.


I would love to hear from our previous winners and know how the delegation has helped them not run our of resource credits and earn a bit of Hive along the way. When I first started I remember the challenges and I want to be able to continue to help others and ensure we grow together.

New Round
So with that, it's time for a new round.

To enter you must be a redfish, previous applicants and winners can re-enter. Feel free to also make a post in the Terminal and provide your entry below.

Your entry must include a picture, of absolutely anything doesn't matter what and in a paragraph or two outline why you should be the winner of the 250 hive delegation and how it will help you on the blockchain. Post it in the comments below.

The winner will be announced on Friday 29 January and the delegation will be provided for two weeks.

Good luck to all contestents and I can't wait to read your submission.


Wow! finally the mantle will soon be passed on to another lol. I was already crossing my fingers but I knew it was gonna come sooner or later hahaha.
I remain ever grateful for the delegation and for lending a helping hand to newbies.
It has been an awesome week for me because I never ran out of resources coupled with the amount I had already delegated by other people.
I don't know but I just consider myself the luckiest.

I was able to carry out many activities on hive and be rest assured that I won't run out of resource credits and since then it hasn't occurred ever again and it wouldn't I believe.
Thank you so much @melbourneswest
I encourage every other person to grab this chance. I don't think I can reapply again. I rather leave the opportunity for other newbies too to grab.

That's wonderful to know and hear. Thank you for participating


Oh no! I can't believe the two weeks is almost up. 😔 It's as though it should not end 😁 BUT there are other newbies deserving of this amazing gift you have given to the three of us. Thank you so much @melbourneswest!

The 250 HP delegation has helped me immensely to be active on Hive these two weeks. I not only give valuable votes to the posts of newbies, I also write posts, go round dropping comments to encourage and engage with other bloggers without running out of resource credit or voting mana.

I appreciate you for this generosity and hope to keep blogging so I grow my account to the point that I can help newbies too. You have set the pace for us. Thank you sir.

Hehehe... I have been waiting for this since antiquity and this post came as an AMEN to my prayer.

Loll... this is a very nice opportunity that I won't like to miss like I missed the initial one so, I will try as much as possible to make an entry before the beginning of a new week.

I'm sure that if I have this number of HP, I will be able to make almost hundred percent of it before the end of that two weeks. Loll... 75% is actually an understatement, l will do more than that.

Thanks buddy... Look forward to my entry ✅

Thanks, @melbourneswest I am proud to be one of the winners of this contest. I would love to participate and be part of this great opportunity. Thanks so much, much appreciated.
I have posted mine

Thanks Alot For this grand Opportunity.

I just made my entry so that l can reduce the workload for me in this new week. I hope to be a beneficiary.


Thank you for the opportunity to reapply for this delegation. Here is the link to my entry -

This is a wonderful initiative handled by you @melbourneswest. I see that there has been past beneficiaries of your kindness and I say congratulations to them. I'm glad to have made a post into the terminal and below is a link to my entry:
Thank you for this Wonderful opportunity!

Wonderful work everyone! Keep it up