REDFISH RALLY 500 CURATION CHALLENGE - Week 1, March 1, 2020. @mllg .

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Ready to start the rally 500. I've already started the engines.

Venezuela Theme Park at Antier, Merida, Venezuela. Vacation 2009. Photo of my property

It is a joy to participate in the healing challenge of the Redfish Rally 500. Greetings to the contestants : @bradleyarrow, @free thinking, @mllg, @parchi-guaya, @seadbeady and @yeceniacarolina.

Friends of Rally 500, you may not know this user. I've been following her for a long time and I know she's a great writer.

@mllg joined the platform in September 2017. She is a teacher and a specialist in NLP. In her publications she captures her experiences through stories, cooking, poems and beautiful photographs.

Image from @mllg blog (she authorized me to take information and images from her blog)

I invite you to follow her.

In this opportunity I invite you to read his publication entitled "Why am I still here", here is the link:

This is an initiative of the user @theycallmedan. Where he asks to expose the motivation that guides and drives us to continue in Steemit.

I chose this publication because I share his opinion that in this immense sea that is Steemit, communities are extremely important. They form virtual families that make you feel motivated to keep going. A virtual hug, a word of encouragement and support makes it worthwhile to stay at Steemit.

I like when my friend @mllg says: "Steemit is a way of life".

"The virtual world of Steemit" as @mllg calls it, and huge sea as I conceive it, is too difficult for little fishes like us. This is why the bonds of friendship between the communities serve us as a lifeline.

Like the friend @mllg, I have my hope in Steemit, and I know that it will withstand this storm. As Will Smith says, "I wake up every day believing that today will be a better day than yesterday.

Thanks to @steemterminal for this initiative that allows new users to grow. Until the next Redfish Rally order.


Imagen tomada desde el concurso en el blog de en @steemterminal


Pasando a dar apoyo a este Rally #redfishrally que es muy importante para la promoción y crecimiento de los participantes. Mucha suerte en este crecimiento y que sigan los éxitos. Gracias a @steemterminal por este tipo de oportunidades. @mafalda2018

Turning to support this Rally #redfishrally that is very important for the promotion and growth of the participants. Good luck in this growth and the successes continue. Thanks to @steemterminal for this kind of opportunities. @mafalda2018

Gracias amiga y hermana Sacramento por acompañarme. Te quiero.
Un abrazo fraternal.

Saludos mi morocha. Felicitaciones por los últimos logros, hermana de corazón. Este del Rally es muy importante. Mucha suerte y que sigan los éxitos. Gracias a @steemterminal por este tipo de oportunidades y a las promotoras del Rally.

Gracias amiga y morocha. Allá vamos ya iniciamos. Juntas para lo que salga y para adelante.
Un abrazo.

How beautiful to see them here, growing and supporting each other, my dear @mafalda2018. You and @mllg, my friends, great writers, with an enormous potential to give (now is the time), are a source of pride for me. Thank you for this beautiful publication, you know I will be around supporting you always, my beautiful friends. I hug you with love and I thank the team @steemterminal for this great space of support and growth.

Thank you, my friend, for always coming together. We're Club 12 and we're going for more.
a brotherly hug

Dear friend, thank you very much for healing me and making this beautiful post. I am very grateful, @ mafalda2018 and also with @librepensadora.
And thanks to @steemterminal for this very nice contest and to @marybellrg for talking to me about this.
A huge!!

Friend, you're a special person.
A friendly hug

Thank you for your participation! 😉👍

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Thank you, my friend, for inviting me to the Rally.
A brotherly hug.

Buen día, amiga @mafalda2018 Te felicito por el gran trabajo que has hecho en esta comunidad en el tiempo que has permanecido en ella.

Merecidos reconocimientos tienes por tu importante labor.

Un gran abrazo

Gracias amiga poco a poco, poniéndole un poquito de amor para lograr nuestros sueños. Siempre para adelante.
un abrazo.

Great choice also and good luck :)

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