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RE: HIVE 추진측의 뻔뻔한 거짓말들

As I understand it, one of the reasons the excluded balances was placed in a fund is to allow those on the list to make an appeal to the community via the SPS to have the exclusion reversed. Post a proposal putting your case forth for why you should not have been on the list.


Thank you for stopping by.

While "appeal" may work out in theory, it would still be seen in practice as a small group of "powerful" HIVE people who made this decision in the first place would "listen". How likely is that they are going to change it? and add the fact that they are controlling this excluded airdrop tokens too. Would they give it up?

And you take someone's token first and ask him to "appeal" for "forgiveness" (this is the word @roelandp used) to get his back. Where is the fundamental rule of presumption of innocence?

Those excluded would likely feel hurt and not want to appeal afterwards. I cannot believe that how many HIVE supporters are simply ignorant of that.

I think there's a basic misconception in thinking there was someone's token 'taken'. Airdrops are not an entitlement, the group making it can determine how they want to do the distribution. I have a token, if I want to do an airdrop only to those with more than 100 of my tokens, I've not taken tokens from those with less than 100, I've chose not to share with them.

I totally understand the feeling of hurt caused by being on an exclusion list. I would feel it as well. I don't much like referring to an appeal as forgiveness however since English is not either your or roeland's first language, is it possible something has been lost in translation?

As I understand it, the appeal process is designed to right any inclusions on the list of those with factors not taken into account by the 'mechanical' process that produced the list.

I understand the hesitancy about participating in the process. I likely would hesitate myself but for those who have been active on STEEM and contributing to the community over the years, I would hope members of the community would speak up on their behalf.