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RE: This is what a top HIVE witness does: self comment+voting and downvote-retaliation

gtg is such a good guy he is developing hive and at the same time helping steem. He's only helping you understand why downvotes are needed or did you forgot that removing downvotes is one of the changes lord justin wants to implement? 😵


So, we're okay that a top witness on hive is doing this, just to prove a point?
That's hypocrisy

Not necessarily. I guess he has a reason to do it but I'm not endorsing it. I just found it funny people strongly agains downvotes... downvoting like crazy.

It clear as day. He did what he did and lied about it. but all the data are there.
Ignoring the elephant in the room, are we?

Sorry I'm not aware of the whole thing. Who lied about what?

Take a look at this. Head back 2 days ago and you'll find that he's unvoting and deleting a lot of comments.

Really?! I expected something new and juicy revelations about the "lies"
Read @gtg 's comment 2 days ago. It's all there. Take care