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RE: This is what a top HIVE witness does: self comment+voting and downvote-retaliation

It may be dumb that he's doing it, but maybe he's showing users what you will now be facing all over the place. And yes you should probably downvote him. I'm guessing he wouldn't mind and would be proud of you guys for doing it.

Maybe he's thinking how long are these steem users going to allow me to do this? Why aren't they downvoting yet?

So why aren't you? Do it, get others to do it. All those protections to the Steem reward pool for years have been by some of these guys. Now they're gone. Take it into your own hands now.

I'd suggest a post in Korean.


Many of the users will not downvote it is now the responsibility of Steemit inc or the new witnesses to protect Steem blockchain. Through their (hive spammers) actions, it is quite obvious that they don't respect other's decisions and they want to bully users and destroy the home that they benefitted from for many years. They call out Justin for censorship but they don't call out the bigots, haters and racist in their own ranks. Some even wishing Justin to be killed.

I wrote a post in Korean too.

And I guess this example showed what happened before Ned left... no progress at all.

Don't support such behaviour. The fact that he went way back to his old posts to spam is a clear indication that he didn't want people to find out.

@gtg, this is such a bad example. Just because you're leaving a chain doesn't mean you should spam it. You know you could just as easily remain on here as well.