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RE: This is what a top HIVE witness does: self comment+voting and downvote-retaliation

You guys spammed and farmed the hell out of Steem when it was worth something and now you complain about @gtg milking a dead platform so he can dump as much as he can on Justin?

Kind of hypocritical i think...

I support gtg efforts to spam all day long and then some.


I still don't know who you refer to as "you guys" -> is that me?

If you talk about "spam", just see who spams here every post. AFAIK it's your HIVE friends.

and you admit that what he has done is milking. Great.

Istn tripleaaa run by you and Virus? One of the worst reward pool abusers on the platform.
"You guys" that run the Korean community. You guys that got a bunch of your community members to trust your stupid judgement of the situation.

Steem is dead. Every Steem milked is good for HIVE and bad for Justin. STEEM is Justin and anything bad for Justin is good in my book.
You guys are just collateral damage by your own choice.
But dont worry, after 13 weeks all of us will be gone.

Rofl. I am not even a member of triplea... you don't even know the basic facts and present stupid opinion based on your imagination. Nice.

Jaycoplayco or you, its the same thing. You believe the same stupid things.

Its not JUST bad for Justin. It is bad for everyone else with any STEEM. That is selfish and childish.

Oh, ow its bad. lol.
Once we all dump Justin will the by far the majority holder of SP

get out of here right now.

Disown Justin publicly, power down, apologize for holding Steem hostage and ill make sure to talk to anyone of relevance to give you guys the airdrop.

So it's okay for a top witness on Hive to behave this way because he's leaving?
I don't see @blocktrades doing the same. And do you know why? Unlike you and a lot of others, he's actually got honour.

If only you would use some frontend where the reality isn't manipulated by Steemit Inc. (I wrote you reply as @gtg, but that's obviously censored). TL;DR: I was trying to get noticed despite censorship, none rewards were milked, those comments was temporary and are not even there (seriously, if you are going to throw rocks at people, do your own research at least).

I don't understand what you mean by 'the comments were only temporary'. It sure looked like you were commenting and voting on a lot of comments at the same time.
And you unvoted and deleted them as soon as you were called out.

It also seems you're also losing a lot of friends there... All the data are on
What i do not understand is why you chose to do what you, and a lot of others have always condemned.

OMG, you are really so blind or are you joking now?
Look at my vote power, see my resource credits.
You really think that it was my intent to spam and milking?

Alright, Gandalf, i'm willing to see things from your side of the story. Do you have a comment or an article that explains exactly what happened?

Because taking the data at face value, it really did seem like you were spamming and milking the reward pool.

Truth is, there is a lot of good things that could emerge from this fork, and you really don't have to leave completely. You could reduce your stake on here and still function as a normal community member. Heck, i plan on cross-posting my articles on here as well. But there isn't any honour if we do the very things we disapprove of.

I know it hurts seeing steem this way, but we all gotta let it go and move forward, man.

Even during full power down, I'm still currently top60 when it comes to SP, which gives me amount of Resource Credits big enough to make hundreds of thousands of comments.

No, I'm not staying on Steem. I consider it an obsolete fork. I chose to continue my efforts on Hive as a direct continuation of what we've built on Steem.

I wrote about it in my posts published on censored @gtg account.

I thought that maybe those stupid censors will re-enable my account to be visible on Steemit at least in order to be downvoted, or, if not, maybe those who value freedom will start to think why they can no longer see my posts and comments, but apparently I was heavily overestimating those who chose to stay.

This is no longer the platform that I want to support and I'm moving out.
No, I'm not making any actions to hurt it. I owe it to SP holders who are moving out too. That's the only reason why I'm still around helping people with migration.

“This is a classic ideological split: the people who actively want a centralized chain can stay on Steem, the ones that don't will build Hive.”

Thank you for explaining, gtg.

Actually, the hypocrisy comes from people like @gtg that would not support that kind of behavior on Hive. This behavior is precisely why I was turned off from Hive. The Hive community had the vast majority of the crypto community rooting for it, but its going to lose that support if Hive thought leaders keep acting aggressively toward the Steem chain.

Some resentment is understandable, but its never acceptable to try fucking another blockchain over. And that's what it appears many Hive witnesses and big names are doing.

Hive is a decentralized community where we all work to make the platform the best it can be for everyone.
Steem is a blockchain owned by 1 guy. Things like this i see as a statement towards Justins blockchain, his tyranny and oppression.
And i say:

BURN.IT.ALL.DOWN. and fuck Justin.

You're a despicable person if you think so. This doesn't even agree with your claim of your love for decentralization. I don't see you trying to do the same thing on Twitter ad Facebook (centralized places where you usually go and sob).

End this, please. People should be free to remain on both chains if they choose to. Supporting the exact attitude we used to fight because you're leaving is double-standard.

Dude, chill out. I'm honestly trying to help you guys. Be the nice guys and the odds of Hive's success are much better. I'm turned off from Hive because of the way you are speaking right now. But while Hive already lost me as a user, there is a lot of potential to get others if you guys don't seem like a bunch of butt-hurt asshats, which you kind of do right now.

I don't care. I really don't. I'm only interested in ridiculing Steem and Justin's bootlickers until my 13 weeks are up.

He's a lying scumbag piece of shit and if Steem burns down while he's in charge I'll be the happier for it.

Well the good news is that Steem will likely get a HF with a much shorter powerdown rate than 13 weeks so you can probably leave sooner than 13 weeks.

And I'm sure Justin bought a lot of STEEM on unknown accounts before the fork so you'll be able to buy HIVE off him at a rate of 1.5ish STEEM for every HIVE. Cool, huh?