hi, hive!!!

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안녕, 하이브언.
당신들의 출발을 축하해.
조심해 언젠가는 너희들도 "Exclusion" 당할 수 있어.
그게 어떤것이든. 그들이 너를 미워하면 그만이야.
다시한번 너희의 출발을 축하해. 이만..
hi!! hive!!!!!




Welcome to Hive! You are not excluded here, and as you can see with us leaving the Steem blockchain is becoming dangerously unstable. It's not about social exclusion or limiting participation, it's about cutting out a venomous attempt to bend the blockchain to one person's wishes. The fork that locked the funds didn't lock any spendable funds, it locked voting power on a fund that was never meant for voting in the first place, explicitly targeted as such.

I am very happy that you reach out here, we need true conversation. Which is not happening on Steemit, because Justin added a rule to not talk about Hive there to the terms and conditions and started blocking posts that talk about Hive.

So again, very welcome and I am glad you made the step to check it out here! I hope you enjoy your time here or enjoy your time bending to master Justin if you choose to stay on Steem. Either way, you are free to pick what you want!