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RE: 22.8888 업데이트를 지켜보며.

Can you reference the posts or others that you feel have given good reasons and explanations for the 22.8888 SF?

Looking at it myself, the list of accounts (including one that I own) looks very arbitrarily picked and not representative of the dispute taking place. The post also did not lay out the conditions for which these were selected.

Who are the practical points of contacts here?


The official post is up and I hope that would explain most(if not all) of your questions.

I believe that this situation is pretty similar to the hive exclusion list event - as you wrote, it is difficult to find who is/are the practical points of contact. Also, in both cases the performing parties argue that the lists are produced by "purely mechanical, decided by objective rules".

While I am not the one who may speak of the 8888, I do understand your frustration (been there, basically). Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you (please dm me on discord).