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RE: 22.8888 업데이트를 지켜보며.

"the witness server will NEVER involve nor confirm any action or code that could freeze or limit the stake of anybody on the Steem blockchain."
so this was just a joke?


Please cite the source, as it seems that you confuse my team with someone else. I am a member of @dev.supporters and this is what we wrote:

so we can all expect that if justins team writes a code that is taking all the steem from users you will just run it?

Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. Starting from the first reply, it seems that you simply state something based on your imagination.

i will try to explain and you tell me if i am wrong.
you are part of dev.supporters witness that is currently running 0.22.8888?
the fork that you are running is freezing stake of steem users (i hope you know that).
now there are 2 possibilities. you have no idea what is in the code you are running, or you think it is ok to take steem from steem users.
we seen that justin cares only about his steem, and now i am interested do witnesses care about users?