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RE: This is what a top HIVE witness does: self comment+voting and downvote-retaliation

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This is to be expected as they just want to burn down Steemit including those community members who want to stay in the platform. They waste their time and effort to troll and spam. No worries I know Justin, the new developers of steem and new witnesses will be stepping up and will counter these shameless acts of bigotry, hatred, and racism.

What they are doing now is exactly why Steem for the past few years, has remained stagnant and never got the mainstream adoption that it should have done years ago. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement just make me puke.

I was actually happy that a real big investor was interested in steem but what did these geniuses do? Lock up his stake and are not willing to give any concessions not unless they are guaranteed control of the platform. So what is the end result losing Steem blockchain to Justin Sun. They did not even last a month fighting for Steem.

They are talking about decentralization and being censorship-resistant but most of us low powered steemians are afraid of being downvoted by whales that act like kings of the platform? Now they are cry babies because they get a dose of their own medicine. They are after all just spamming the Steemit network. When they were doing it they say they are just protecting the high-quality content of steem and now its censorship the Hypocrisy is just outstanding!

Now steemit users are being targeted just because they don't agree them or they keep on using steemit.

So why are they acting that way because someone stopped their whale circle-jerking party and they want to rape the rewards pool as much as they could.


I still don't understand why they stick around and try to destroy STEEM while milking rewards.

If they hate STEEM so much, why don't they simply focus on building HIVE, which is their "heaven"?

Hope to see you around. Thank you for the reply!


I feel that his unpleasant actions here in Steem is counterproductive to what Hive means for him. If he is trying to prove that Hive is what Steem should be / should have been then he should put his time & effort in developing Hive and let time to tell whether Hive is right or Steem is wrong.

I do hope that the new devs & witnesses should act asap before this get serious... and put steem & the community in trouble.

I agree with this. Actions should be taken soon.