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RE: Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 45

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Hi Cheerleader! A bug free garden is not good news for you or your garden. LOL! I hope the bugs find you soon. Thanks for your support! Hugs!


Siii, yo también espero que vengan algunos insectos, una mariquita, un gecko, una mariposa, no pido mucho Jejejeje. Hasta el próximo insecto. un abrazo.

Yes, I also expect some insects to come, a ladybug, a gecko, a butterfly, I don't ask much. Hehehehe. Until the next insect. a hug.

I will do a bug dance for you! LOL! Hugs!

jajaja que gane el mejor, jajaja

hahaha may the best man win, hahaha, thank you, @whatisnew