Butterfly Day - Yellow Theme

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Here's a yellow insect theme for this #butterflyday by @whatisnew
First off there is this fancy tiger swallowtail on some echinacea. They are pretty easy to photograph when they are pigging out.
One more fancy swallowtail. Here it is on its complementary color purple.
Here is a nice big argiope. Who knows if its web might catch the swallowtail later on lol.
A yellow themed insect post wouldn't be complete without a bumblebee. I have no idea why it was crawling on this dry seed pod, apparently they have poor eyesight.
Next up we have some swarms of yellow aphids. I see these guys in various colors, some are red, others green, and then there's black ones that ants milk.
Here's a wooley bear moth that was on my balcony.
This monarch caterpillar has nice yellow stripes.
Another swallowtail, I got this shot up in the mountains of Arizona.
Here's a yellow and black attack. Just don't annoy them and they won't sting.
This is a bold color of yellow. I believe this is an American Dagger Moth. They turn into a plain gray moth.
Here it is on some blacktop. I bet it thinks it is a Caterpillar tractor, its basically the same color.
I have no idea what these dangerous looking yellow insects are, they are definitely poisonous lol. Beware the fluffy spines!!! Happy #butterflyday

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Beautiful photogrphy

Thanks, I got most of these with a zoom lens.

Mostly well come sir you are great working

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What a great way to portray them all by the same color and yellow is such a cheery color. Exactly what is needed during this dull, drab winter. Well, I certainly wouldn't mind if you left out the spider. LOL! I just love the faces you captured, especially that face on the bumblebee. You know how you hold all of the insects you find? Well, I would definitely hold those sweet chicks. : )

I have actually let an argiope crawl on me. They are blind and only bite things that are wiggling around in their web. As for the dangerous Canadian goslings i've never been able to catch one, the hissing biting parents are too much of a threat.

I had no idea they were blind but how could I since I usually don't do research on spiders. At least I know that I can come to you if I have any questions about them. Yes, Canadian Geese can be vicious, especially when protecting their babies.

Yeah most web making spiders are blind. Then there's the hunters that walk around like wolf spiders and jumping spiders with good vision. But those guys are handleable since they can see you aren't food. The sac web spiders are the ones that bite most often. Here in illinois there's the yellow sac web that likes the warmth of peoples beds in winter and they crawl under the covers and if you toss and turn they get defensive and bite. In the south brown recluse like to do this as well lol.

OMG! Remind me not to go to Illinois in the winter!!! OMG!!!

Lol yeah, don't go south either. The brown recluses are much worse.

wow so beautiful 👌

Thanks :-)

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Thanks :-)