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RE: La nostalgia empieza ¡un venezolano en el extranjero!

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It's a beautiful video that touches our hearts very deeply. The family always misses each other and I say this because I live it in my own flesh and blood. But at this time of Christmas there are many memories of when we all got together and it's very nostalgic because sometimes you can't be where the whole family is gathered. Very beautiful words from your sister to the whole family with much love and warmth. It is true that one never stops adapting to being away from home and from the attentions of our loving and united family that is always there for us. I hope that your brother will soon be able to share a new Christmas with all of you as soon as possible and be able to relive those moments that sweeten and gladden life and all our hearts. May all of you enjoy every moment of your family. Happiness and love for all.


esta es una situacion bastante dificil, que nos ha envuelto a la mayoria de los venezolanos, solo espero que pronto todas las familias puedan reunirse de nuevo ;) muchas gracias por tus palabras, te deseo una feliz noche
This is a very difficult situation, which has involved most of the Venezuelans, I just hope that soon all families can meet again;) Thank you very much for your words, I wish you a happy night