Our song "Boddah" performed at Gasworks park in Seattle, Washington

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This video was filmed in the Gasworks Park in Seattle, Washington during our tour of the west coast last year. The song called "Boddah" was written about Kurt Cobain and the Seattle grunge scene, so it was particularly special to play with the city in the backdrop.

Hope you enjoy!

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so good(:♥

Thank you!

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So beautiful! <3 What an emotional piece. I love most especially the violin. Did you have a lot of people watching you that time? Or was this during quarantine so not much people around? That would be incredible to watch in person.

@hiddenblade - yes actually there were quite a few people sitting in the park watching us. It was before the quarantine, so there were not any restrictions on movement and thus people took advantage of a nice Seattle afternoon. :)