The Original Viral Video "Grand Masquerade" from Strasbourg, France

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Hey 3speakers!
This is the original video of ours, the first one that went viral all the way back in 2016. Over a year long period, it had amassed more than 100million views on Facebook and YouTube and in some ways changed our lives. Suddenly the phone was ringing constantly with performance offers and our online sales skyrocketed.

From a quality perspective, it is nothing special, but the moment was something beautiful. This was filmed during the Christmas market in front of the famous Cathedral in Strasbourg, France. The city has long been like an adopted home for us and this moment can show you exactly why.

Enjoy a beautiful moment and hopefully we will be able to have more of these in the future!

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Cool performance. Fast part was amazing.

awesome wish it was longer :)

I didn't understand 100% because of my lack of English proficiency. However, I read a good article well.

No wonder why your video went viral. Awesome performance champ! Keep it up.

I loved and reblogged. That's talent.

That was awesome violin work there, couldn't actually believe the accuracy and the skill there. Wow the French has been known to be great violinist.

Job well done champ!, Keep the flag high...