Video from inside United States evacuation plane from Wuhan + general Coronavirus updates

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Recently video has surfaced from inside the United States plane from Wuhan that evacuated American citizens from the Coronavirus struck region. On the plane you can see government personal wearing what are called PAPR bio-hazard equipment perhaps out of an “abundance of caution”. Either way this seem in high contract to how medical person and other services have been treating “potential effected” where the most recent example sees medics not even wearing face masks.


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CBRN PAPR suits are extremely expensive and in far too short supply to be used by first responders generally. It is also not widely understood that masks aren't very protective against virii. Doctors and medical personnel wear them during surgeries so that the droplets they breathe out don't infect their patients, not to keep themselves uninfected. Wearing a mask in public is a courtesy to protect the public, not yourself. You need a lot more than a paper mask to protect yourself, as the suits worn by the military personnel on the plane show.


Thanks for this, yeah a few people having been saying the same thing to me. I guess you only break them out under certain circumstances hopefully we dont seem them on the streets :/

I cant get the video to play !
Any ideas?

Hi, I tested it works for me - but you can always watch it on youtube or bitshute, here is the bitshute link:

Things like #coronavirus make it even more obvious (in case there was ever any question) that the world NEEDS more censorship free online video platforms. Great to see you using it. I'm SURE (living in Asia these past 17 years) that much is being suppressed and the numbers are far, far higher than we are led to believe.

Strong, healthy immune system #1.

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