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In this supporter video I go into more updates regarding the Wuhan Virus as well as Microsoft and the Queen of Spirit cooking. Thank you all for your support!

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Very happy to see you continue your work after Youboob ended your ability to use that platform to do it.

At a couple points in this video the music was louder than it should be, I thought, and during the segment regarding the covid19 testing I couldn't make out the speech of the folks. I haven't ever made a video as you do often, so have no idea how to mix audio, but I hope you can keep the background music from being too loud.

I'm really happy about President Trump halting financial support for the WHO. The terrible disinformation, propaganda, and censorship the WHO has undertaken during this pandemic may be most of why so many Americans are sick and dying today. Frankly, I think the WHO merits prosecution for crimes against humanity for seeking to prolong travel from loci of epidemic, undoubtedly greatly accelerating the spread of SARS2, and for their advocacy and direct involvement in implementing the massive censorship ongoing regarding the pandemic, which may be causing people to not gain understanding that could mean the difference between life and death.

People generally don't understand that censorship is an existential threat, unless they somehow learn censored information that saves their life and realize it. Nothing is more important when our survival is threatened than knowledge, because that is the source of anything we might do to mitigate hazard we face. The worst part of censorship is

or even realizing we're in danger at all.


Thanks heaps! Yeah, when I listened to the music, in the video after I uploaded - it kind of blew out my eardrums haha. That has been corrected now in my next. I agree about the WHO, they are so fake - but people in the general population find it hard to really understand since the MSM never reports on all their lies - but I think it was great that they were de-funded. The world could just have a logistical hub for distribution of resources - but not information - that should come from the scientific world as a whole - it was amazing how many careerer virologist bent the knee to their power by saying that "masks were useless" after the who came out against them being used widely - we can see how useless they are and how much they just openly lie about everything. Thanks for the comment man! Keep well!

The supposed scientists that lied about masks to support the propaganda from the WHO have conveniently enabled folks to sort real scientists from shills for corrupt overlords and pushers of pandemic.

Handy list that.

I wanted to comment on a couple things that were in the video. First, that headline where they state that the virus can spread up to 13 feet from a person, more than twice the 6 ft gov't. social distancing rule, it may be a bit misleading to think of it in those simple terms. Similar to the inverse square law with light and other types of radiation, the further away you get from the source of the infectious aerosols, the chances of transmission are going to decrease at an exponential of that distance. I would assume that it's possible for the virus to spread even further than 13 feet, but the chances become so slim that it's not worth thinking about. Therefore following the 6 ft. rule is going to reduce transmission exponentially, although it will not reduce the chances of transmission to zero.

Second, the research there about the virus requiring extreme heat to be killed should be viewed with great skepticism. A virus with a bilipid membrane envelope like SARS-CoV-2, just like the cells in our body (which is where it gets that membrane from), is not going to cope well with extreme temperatures for very long. Simply drying the virus out should "kill" it (strangely, viruses aren't really alive until they infect a cell, they require the machinery of a host function at all). If you're interested in researching further, I would look at their methods and see what it is that they used to determine the presence of the virus. Just because you can detect something like the surface protein or viral RNA doesn't mean you've got a viable virus that can cause an infection. Proteins and RNA are a lot more robust than the viral envelope. It all needs to be in assembled form with its spike proteins sticking out of the envelope in order to attack a host cell. What they would need to show is this: put the sample in extreme heat, then expose a human cell culture to it and see if those cells can be infected in vitro. If they show that it can infect those cells, we've got viable virus. Otherwise, nothing that they demonstrate is proof of viral survival in that extreme environment. My guess is that this is not the method they used.

Now, if the above method was demonstrated with viable virus still able to infect cells, we're not dealing with a coronavirus. It would be one of the non-enveloped mammalian viruses causing the infection in that case.

Oh, another thing I just thought of, is that if they heated a solution with the virus in it, it's possible that the virus could endure pretty extreme temperatures. The key there for viral survival would be to keep the virus hydrated in a solution. If we're talking about food, standard cooking methods should work no problem. If we're talking about a delivered package, giving it time to dry out completely will work. Wiping it down should also work.

Thanks for the added information - you sound like you know a lot more about this than I do. At the moment, about how far it travels in the air, I am "airing" on the side of caution, pun intended. Mainly because trying to mitigate risk, by using the most extremes for self management - just because it is such an abnormal event in my life etc., and many others. However, when all said and done, you most likely will be right - often things are seen as much much worse, when something anomalous comes along. I was surprised about it almost living just below boiling point as well. And their are studies that show it could be the viral load that makes you sick so a distance away, with only little particulate in the air it might not make you sick. Either way, I am going to still to nuke anything I eat in the microwave and keep all my windows closed until night-time to air out the house - just because at the moment I am acting in such a risk adverse way i.e., operating as if the extremes are true. Thanks for the info though, I appreciate it - and the time it took you to write it, always value correction and more perspective. Thanks for the comment!

Good. As much as I feel the CDC has botched this operation, that's one of the things I like that Fauci said a couple weeks ago (paraphrasing): If you feel like you're going overboard in your precautions, that's probably the right amount of precaution. Unless you're young and lucky, no one can really afford to risk getting this disease. It's nothing to play around with.

Personally, I leave zero room for error with my family (pregnant wife). I don't leave our property unless I absolutely need to. We order everything online. When I do go out, I don't get within 20 feet of another human. We've been isolating since March 4th and were being very cautious more than a week before that. The one time since then I had to go into a building, I literally ran in and straight back out and didn't touch anything, holding my breath the whole time even with a mask on. Everybody thought I was being crazy, which maybe I was a little, but I don't judge lest I be judged myself.

And yes, I'm a bit of a bio nerd. I spent a few years in the lab.