My response to @smyle questions: Communityama initiative contest by @theycallmedan

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First of all, I want to use this medium to thank @theycallmedan for such a wonderful initiative, I am happy
that I could partake in it.

I was trying to blog when I saw that @smyle tagged me. I was really surprised so I rushed down to see why I was tagged. Getting to his blog, I saw the @theycallmedan Ama initiative contest, I read through it and I feel in love with it.

So I rushed down to @smyle post, below is the link.

I read his questions, feel in love with it and I was able to answer it perfectly.

Click on the 3speak link and watch the video

I promise you, you will definitely fall in love with.

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Thanks for finding time to answer my questions.

I also wonder if quality is actually quality but i get the message that engagement and consistency is helping you and hope newbies are lifted by this too.

Also long post doesn't really matter or count but the message you try to pass in the long post. A long post can be jargons but the one with message matter.

Two hours or more are also good. It means the post will send the intended message.

The above are some of the highlights and i hope people get the message as i did.

Thank you!