Gaming: The Killer DApp For Hive

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The industry talks a great deal about what will be the "Killer DApp" that puts makes cryptocurrency mainstream.

In this video, I discuss how I believe that gaming will be said Killer DApp and how Hive is already off to a good start with EXODE, DCity, and Cryptobrewmaster.

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@taskmaster4450 You nailed a number of great points! 👊 Thank you for picking up the Blockchain Gaming Flag,together lets make sure Hive's most influential leaders and core developers are ready to position this chain as a top choice for game developers! I think we both agree this should be a top priority.

Thanks for the comment @battlegames.

I certainly hope a lot of developers see the benefits to Hive and want to create their own games on this blockchain. With the fork only a month old, it is great to see 3 games either on here or coming out soon.

It would be great to 10x that throughout the rest of the year at a minimum.

Hopefully word spreads among the developers in the gaming industry.

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Hi taskmaster, I just had a look at your steem Account and I noticed you keep posting to steem, why? And why "different" content than on hive?
No offense, I really much appreciate your content. Personally I do not care about Steem any more ... so just asking.