Let's Show Our Support For The Hive Hack-A-Thon

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In this video I discuss the recently announced Hive Hack-A-Thon which is going on for two week. It was announced by @themarkymark the other day. It is something we all can help out with.

If you are a developer, check out the post and get involved.

For those who cannot code, we can show our support by sending a bit of HIVE over to @prizepool. All HIVE raised will be used to pay the winners of the contest.

Here is the post laying out the details of the project.


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Excellent video friend. It is a great idea that we can all come together and do our bit. Hopefully you can raise enough HIVE and thus give the winner a good incentive. Keep it up my friend, many successes and blessings.

nailed it. ;-)

Thanks for the idea @ew-and-patterns.

Even sent 250 HIVE over to help out.

I will put up a written post about it.

Hopefully more join the effort.

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I expect 20% of the rewards as payment :D just kidding.

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