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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you all and this one is gonna be an interesting one :)

Do drop your OPINIONS below :)

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I'll Be Back with another one soon :)

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The thing I would love to see being implemented is surely a mobile application for 3speak which would come up with an elegant UI as well as would allow users to upload videos straight from their mobile devices.

This would push the creators a lot ahead in terms of efficiency :)

I guess it is already under works.

I Feel like being somewhat not being able to dig deep into what goin on upon my channel and for that I guess the best option would be some amazing Statistical Stuff over here on @threespeak which would be equipped with a lot of aspects, such as watch hours, where is my audience from etc.

I guess this would play as being the gamechanger for a lot of creators :)

Cheers !
Thanks for bringing this up :)

The thing I would love to see is definitely the playlists which would allow us to sort off videos which we may see later as well as for creators too with using which they can organize their content and their channels may look neat :)

Hello @steemee-sayu907.
My concern is how to bring more users to the 3speak platform. Not everyone is a professional videographer and not everyone can think of topics to vlog about consistently.

I'm hoping for a situation whereby 3speak has official contests exclusively sponsored by the community and encouraging amateur video creators. In this case, there could be a weekly topic of discussion to vlog about weekly.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Firstly, I'll like to commend you for coming up with such a free giveaway contest with the intention of soliciting other people's opinion on the necessary features they wish @threespeak should have in the future. Thank you once again for this!

As for me, I actually find @threespeak being one of the most top video streaming and uploading platform which rewards users for providing video content and this is really something very great about @threespeak. But I'll love to suggest it will be very nice if @threespeak can work more on their back end (server side) by upgrading the server system because there are times whereby it takes more time for a video to load before watching. I really can't tell if anyone experiences this though but it's really something I sometimes experience.

Also, the UI/UX design on mobile phone or smart phone doesn't seems to be really friendly to me. I will suggest the UI/UX design should also be updated with modern written algorithm or codes for easy use and if possible they should also work on the font size of the written text. It will be nice if the font size is increased a little bit to a normal font size more visible for everyone.

Lastly, I hope the team will also work on developing an allocation for @threespeak for easy video streaming online.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

Hi @steemer-sayu907
Good to see that you are using this opportunity to collect thoughts from many.

I have not used 3speak much but I have uploaded few of videos and I had issue with encoding of video. Its good if they add new features but I would suggest first they should look for existing improvement and its encoding. They need to come out with some solution to post the video on the chain immediately.Today also many users had to wait for hours to upload the video. So my suggestion for team to make encoding faster. Hope you find it worthy. Thanks.

Well, I really liked the feature in Dtube which was allowing me to "upload" videos just with a video link from YouTube or some other video platforms. That would be nice to be seen in 3speak too...

I think @threespeak team needs to expand the field for Video description.. while uploading video, writing describing is not that much easy because that field is too small. I hope you would have also noticed this. Team must be working on various features and its even time taking process but increase of window should not take long. Many content creators would like this update for sure.. thanks

Threespeak is quite good in the early days but as a viewer when i watch videos sometimes facing problem to watch any videos in fullscreen. So they improve this features and as a threespeak viewer I think threespeak should develop an mobile application that helps to grow this community and users. Even there should be a invitation program only for youtubers who join threespeak and promote it to more big youtubers. I believe threespeak is the best alternatives of YouTube especially for crypto youtubers.

How can I participate in the contest?

Give the above video a watch :)

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Channel page customization.

First off, Nice Video Friend. And the one feature that I'm looking forward to being added by 3Speak is adding thumbnail via. the Video Upload. So it's like once you upload your Video then under the Thumbnail option it should give you an option to take a snapshot from the Video itself. This in return is gonna save a lot of time of the content creators. Cheers and have a nice day ahead.