CBD & Smoke Cartel Mystery Unboxing

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Life is a journey. A part of mine has been to start using CBD to help with daily chronic pain. Due to falling twice and having my husband working from home, I have been taking more and more pain meds.

I do not care for the side effects of pain meds but somedays you need to be able to move. Since meeting some great new friends in Colorado at The Alliance Block Party I learn and saw first hand the power of what using CBD is capable of. The trick is finding out if it will work for your body.

Through @PrettNiceVideo I found the website Plain Jane. I have been slowly testing their products and the effects they have on me over the last six months. It has helped but I would not call it life-changing until now.

After falling and hurting both knees I found myself taking more and more pain medication. I wasn't happy about any of it. I decided to try and get a stronger dose of CBD in hopes the number of pain meds I had to take a day would lessen.

I ordered the Flower Sampler Pack from Plain Jane hoping this would be the answer.

Now I needed something to be able to use the CBD flower in. The video shows what happens when you go out to the World Wide Web and start shopping for CBD accessories.

YouTube for those in Need

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


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Hey, watched your video.....

Not a smoker though, so didn't understand much.....

I have had problems with anxiety, you use cannabis to deal with it?

I use CBD (made naturally from the male Hemp plant) in flower form for anxiety. If you go to the PlainJane website https://tryplainjane.com/ have a look at what they have to offer and if you think it is right for you.

Now you are hooked on the devils lettuce! lol

:D You are too funny!!

nice unboxing vid :) I have to point out a typo in yur post title for you to fix (misspelled CBD)

Dear Lord! Thank You!!! Only I would mess up spelling CBD HA!

Thank You so much for letting me know!!

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Heck of a rabbit hole eh? BWAHAHAHAAA!

and it gets deeper!!! HA!

wait until I edit the 2nd part LOLL

Happy Saturday!

Let me know if it helps. I've been wanting to try it for a while now.


the oil never helped me.
Plain Janes Hemp cigarettes and prerolled joints do help!

they have low prices on their website. I would take a look if I were you!

After watching your video I did go to the website and ordered some pre-rolled joints and some kush just to try it. It can't hurt. It's going to be a long year ahead stuck in the house. And it's so pretty outside!

Hello lovely lady! :D

I take CBD oil every day for chronic pain and I also smoke some bud if I've got it, right now I'm all out and can't get more of my prescription for another 10 days, it's going to be a long 10 days for me, but I'll survive. :D

Okay, I was watching your video on 3speak and I got to the part at 2:22 where you said it goes a long way with your body, (I'll admit in advance that I've partaken of some other medicinal oil that wasn't just CBD so that might be the issue,) and I had to rewind a couple times to make sure my mind and eyes weren't messing with me because I thought someone walked through your kitchen while you were talking, but couldn't see anyone in the video. :D

After the third time rewinding I finally figured it out, it was the black lines from the edit you did going across the screen in a wave that was messing with me and making me think someone was walking by you. :D I was just thinking it's a good thing I'm not driving anywhere with the way my eyes and mind were messing with me. :D LOL! :D

I'm glad your staying safe and keeping your pain managed with the CBD. :D I checked out the Plain Jane site but it's only for in the USA, oh well, maybe I'll look for a Canadian one to get some extra for myself for those rough months that my prescription just doesn't last through. :D

Just so you know you can vape your bud, I've done it in the past myself. :D I'm not a fan of vaping though. :D

Hopefully your next box will have stuff you will actually use in it. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

You had me scared there was a ghost in my house LOLL I will not use that filter anymore!!!

I will be praying for you to make the next 10 days fly by!!


LOL, sorry about that. :D It was just my eyeballs, it's all good. :D LOL. :D

Me too, thanks. :D

God bless! :D

I got high a number of times back in the day. Do not smoke anymore. But wondering whether it is the actual high that takes away the pain or anxiety or is it something more subtle with the drug that does that ??

you really do not get high from CBD..it's really not the same feeling at all. Not sure how to explain the difference though.....