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RE: Burgurking Now Accepting Crypto? MASSIVE!!!!

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I really wish they would accept Steem. I could do so much good with this platform and this crypto.
It is good news but it needs to be rolled out globally. If McDonald’s accepted Steem as a currency the price would go through the roof. It might take 5 years for Steem to turn around but I am hoping to build up my name brand to the point where it doesn’t matter the Steem price I am generating residual income from the account where I can be financially free.


We’d need to get back to the top 20 again which would require us to dominate crypto social media when the bull market returns. That means being much more prevalent than minds and voice. It’s hard to recover from the kind of loss of regular users we had but I believe it’s possible

But you are correct. I do wish that Living Room of Satoshi accepted Steem again. It would go a long way to helping the use-case of Steem. It once allowed Australians to pay their bills with Steem.
Can you imagine that?

Various tokens are being accepted in various countries and Burger King now accepts crypto in Venezuela because the local currency is so bad. Imagine if McDonald’s accepted Steem world wide...

I had a post once where a blog post about McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sunday actually paid for itself via upvotes. But Steem was about 41 US cents then and I had to get the attention of a few prominent Steemian to make it happen, but it did happen.

In the meantime, I am going to make myself more and more prominent on this platform while the tide is out.

I think really all we need to do to succeed is stay in the top 40 so people recognize the name and realize it isn't going anywhere

I wonder where they all went? I don’t know if there’s an alternative to Steem out there that has at least the numbers we do.

There is not, but Minds (while not entirely crypto) seemed to be competing at some point. EOS could do create some vicious competition but it seems like its running into some problems. Basically we just need to keep our shit in order and itll be a great few years

That sounds just like my Steem goal as well. Those will be some good days! Until then, we keep laying the foundation NOW!