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This is a little promotional video I created for @theterminal community. I made a gif, but something is going on with HIVE right now where it won't load the images.

I just wished to do my small part to aid in producing some marketing materials for @theterminal. They have been helping the community for a number of years now in the tradition of @thewelcomewagon. Some of the staff of the @terminal were actually involved with @thewelcomewagon.

Hopefully, everyone enjoys my little promotional video. If you are ever in need of some help please do come to The Terminal Discord. We love to help our fellow bloggers and vloggers!

Blessings and Groovy vibes!

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This is wonderful! Thank you! 🤗

I love it gonna put it on my footer for sure And I think it’s great that you always have the best for theterminal

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Thank you very much.

You're welcome @sgt-dan. Thank you for your unfailing support!

Why sure!


It is really AWESOME :)

THANK YOU so much for this, @sgt-dan 😃

Here is the GIF, which was placed in our #hive-assets channel