Opening up Trivia Wins! | Splinterlands Untamed & Orb Opening

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Today we are cracking opening some packs I won from trivia and one extra orb just to mix things up. I've been a little slow on my Splinterlands uploads, but end of season opening is coming up in just two days!

Drop a comment down below for a chance to win one of the following cards!:
Maggots, Failed Summoner, Herbalist, Gold Horny Toad, Slimeball, Albatross, Fire dude that has a stick (idk might be a goblin or somethin. i didn't feel like finding the name. only this long description).

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Some nice cards at the end there. The Minotaur Warlord gets the "return fire ability" at higher levels. Sniping Narwhal is good too. My season rewards were 99% garbage. I did get one orb though which gave me the golden Electric Eel! I really really want a golden legendary but I know that the odds are really tough to get that...

Still have yet to pull a gold legendary or epic! We'll see how long it takes me; I've been playing for 8 months I think. About to open up rewards. sent a card


OMG. 8 months and no gold legendary or epic. I don't like my chances of getting one now this year.