Wise, Telepathic Alien Children Speak On The Human Game

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Where this came from, who knows...

Nonetheless, it's absolutely brilliant.

Scripted and fictional or not, there are wonderfully potent spiritual truths within this telepathic conversation between two young ladies from another planet or dimension.

At 7.5 minutes, this short film is a refreshing reminder of our deeper nature and purpose here on earth in this human game.

Without further ado, may they say it far better than I do... 🙏


I'm left with this idea: "we took back our power to create and we created a New Erath without fear". Seeing these two girls, I first remember the ability that some people have to communicate without words, mentally, because of that strong connection that they can have at that moment or that they had in their past lives (it has happened to me with some people). I also remembered my teenage nephews. I have the impression that this generation is a generation very concerned about the planet, about what we live. They are aware, or at least most of them are, of the disaster that human beings can cause to the earth and the power we have as individuals. It's as if they really have all their senses awake. It's as if the human being has finally done his evolutionary work and has found the best way to direct and concentrate the force that circulates through the body and this hits the consciousness hard. I feel that I must meditate without haste on what is said here. Nice night, @rok-sivante! ;)

Films associated with helping people know their purpose on earth always take me away

Do you spend a lot of time looking for stuff like this or is there a central place that you find it all? :) I have friend that is constantly posting stuff on his Facebook that I am not in alignment with. I don't block the friend, but I choose not to see the stuff he reposts. It's like whack a mole because every day it is a new source. Not to say I want to block your stuff. I am just wondering if it's gathered from all over or a central source.

This one just came direct via a friend’s message on Facebook. I did stumble across it again afterwards on a couple other friends’ pages.

You know it’s possible to change the notification (“follow”) settings for people on Facebook, ya? There’s only ever been a couple people I chose to not see their stuff, though have diligently cultivated the “see first” list to create a custom feed from those with good taste...

Yeah I usually just choose to hide all the stuff that he shares. He is a pretty close friend so I'd never drop or block him.

Thank you for this video! My friend recommended it to me just now, after I shared with her my experience of 'going back to my own planet' as a child. In that time, I had a lucid sense of having volunteered, despite my being ssoooooooooooooooo glad to be Home - and I was reminded (there) that I'd only just arrived, and had to go back... And I did a big cosmic 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo' but came back :-) The conversation here really does encapsulate the feeling that I had as a child of being back with My People and in my Right Environment - I felt that the context I'd been living in was literally hell, and the people mad. :-0