Corona Deaths: When Fudged Numbers Are The Norm

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Human history has had its fair of shit shows. But holy fuck, is 2020 ever going down as one of the biggest "what the fuck" years this planet has ever seen. Or at least that we've ever been through in our lifetimes.

With all respect...

We've been getting played. Hard.

It should be obvious by now that governmental institutions, political agencies, and mass media has not always been the most reliable source for factual information.

Though when the top blows off to reveal the full details of just how fucked this current situation is - in terms of how blown out of proportion it is and the degree of corruption in information transmission - well, I don't even know.

The rabbit hole with this situation goes so fucking deep, to dare even enter it risks falling into an abyss from which there just might be no return. Yet, what are we supposed to do when we're being straight up lied to? Sit back in our homes like good little boys and girls, waiting for the "authorities" to tell us when it's "safe" to go outside and have human interaction again?

Yes, LIED to.

The scope of the lies would probably blow our minds. But how's this for a start:

Feds classifying all coronavirus patient deaths as ‘COVID-19’ deaths, regardless of cause


If you know much, probably not.


Even the astrologers have foreseen it's been likely with Mercury in Picses, amongst other transits, that it's probably the numbers have been fudged.

And if you've been down the rabbit hole and understand the intricate web of corruption that's weaved amongst the top medical organizations responsible for pushing facts to the mainstream media propaganda machine, you've probably already been suspect that the story doesn't add up.

I mean, c'mon. The numbers alone of people dying from CV are a minute fraction of that which die from the common flu each year. But the whole world has gone into quarantine??

Maybe those of us with the eyes open to see through the bullshit have expected too much of humanity, such a primitive species placing so much trust in fundamentally-flawed bureacratic institutions.

In any case, I guess it's valuable to maintain perspective and do our best to keep focused on the balance of light that's coming along with the dark.

Namely, that sure enough, the truth is coming out. Even if slowly and painfully.

Such truths:

The number of coronavirus deaths have been fudged.

Not only has it been rumored from multiple sources that there've been several deaths attributed to CV where test results were negative... not only have deaths been reported as CV deaths when it's pretty obvious that preexisting underlying conditions were the actual reason for the deaths... but we now even have a wonderful US senator/doctor coming out exposing that American doctors are being advised to report deaths as CV deaths even if they haven't been tested if "appropriate."


Welcome to planet earth, 2020.

The whole world has been put on hold, based on the counsel of global "health" institutions - every single person's life being confined into a metaphorical straightjacket - by a centralized system that's basing it's reasoning on statistics that are so far from factually accurate, this whole place is beginning to resemble one big fucking loony bin.

But don't take my word for it.

Please take a couple minutes to hear it straight from the source - should you feel inclined.

What the fuck people.

Dear God, let there be light at the end of this crazy, crazy tunnel... 🙏🙏🙏

And lastly...

A very thorough, professional article taking a well-needed objective look at the matter:

More Physicians Go On The Record Explaining Why COVID-19 Deaths May Be Exaggerated


This reminds me a lot of the whole HIV thing when it was out. Realistically, most of those deaths weren't actually from HIV, it was just the fact that the persons immune system was so compromised that the pneumonia or whatever was able to take its toll. How quickly we forget about stuff like that. They need to affix the heading, died by whatever due to complications from Covid, etc. The sad thing is, the fact that the government and media continues to put out these erroneous numbers is proof of the fact that a large section of the population still believes them. They probably wouldn't do it otherwise.

So you are telling that The human immunodeficiency viruses does not kill people but weakened immune system does. Right. I hope you are not a doctor. I really do.

Nope, not a doctor, but it has been proven that many people died because HIV compromised their immune system so they actually perished from that ailment. Did the HIV contribute to it? For sure, but claim it was solely from HIV is a misrepresentation. Similar to what the author is posting here. Not sure where you hostility is coming from.

Ok lets say you were a doctor and your patient had HIV and as a result he dies of whatever, really it doesn't matter cause an HIV patient can actually really die from whatever, even a cold. What would be the most suitable cause of death? Would you give a death certificate that would state he caught the cold? I doubt it you would had to write down Human Immunodeficiency virus and the complication.

Mind you that HIV is called as such for the reason already stated. I am really curious. And in the end of the day, does it really matter what are we going to label it? The guy if it was any other guy without HIV wouldn't have die. Same goes with Covid-19 but it is deadlier and airborne its not a STD and to that is a pandemic(meaning a wide spread non-treatable highly contagious various) not an endemic virus like Influenza which people simplify down to Common Flu and at the end of the day there is a lot of herd immunity on it from a large part of the population (Its been around for 102 years). Back in 1918 when Influenza was a pandemic and there were no social distancing measures and medical science was literally 100 years less of effective as it is today spread like the plague and killed like the plague. The density of our modern cities and the interconnection of our modern world does not allow for taking it easy until we get the treatment, I am not hostile sorry I am being sarcastic. I just forgot to add the /s.

You make good points. I was just commenting on the original post. I was pointing out what I felt were similarities.

I totally disagree with the point of the post. But I still gave it a small upvote. It displays concern from a person that is trying to make reason out of what little know about the whole thing do I agree with the video and the way doctors are forced to pump some numbers for unjustified reasons. I think the top down ierarchy from government to science is wrong to begin with but seeing what happens lately all around me I kinda justify it because people it seems to only listen to fear. You know that if everyone was practicing social distancing from day 1 the spread would be 100 times lower the deaths would be 100 times lower and the economic impact would still have been the same. When people were going out to parties during a pandemic that is when they started to result to fear mongering and I am sure that is not a scientists specialty. The orders come from the office in charge. But really I am not sure if I totally blame them about it. I do know they exaggerate on their prediction models because they are not taking into account lockdowns and they are presenting always the worst case scenario.

Anyway at the end of the day it is just another virus. There will be a vaccine and there will be a treatment given time there will even be herd immunity, and everything will return to normal. Are they creating fear to pass secret bills restrict freedoms etc. Well I guess politics is a game of accumulating power right? I never in my life thought that politics serve the people, the people must serve itself politics are a fight over control against different ideologies or something in that lines.

P/s I am not here trying to offend you, I am a guy bored to death in quarantine posting my mind on the blockchain.
Keep safe.

I understand that, which is why I ended up giving you a follow after your first comment :) People violating the restrictions has been driving me nuts too. Heck, it gets under my skin when my wife wants to go to the store for stuff that we actually need. My neighbor has had people over pretty much every day and I just want to scream at them.

Thanks for the follow and sorry for my grammatical and syntax mess up. I just made a second read of it and it is embarrassing I am glad that I managed to communicate my point of view to you regardless.
We live in an era of too much information from to many unriliable mediums its easy to get the proper info only if you really know what is it you are searching for. Also the easiest way to consume information at video format is not always the best. Having doubts about info is a healthy sign it is critical for us to doubt the information we consume. Also the scientific truth is hard for mass consumption and it spreads way slower because it needs the receptor to have an understanding that lets face it we don't have or we would all be doctors. The conspiracy theories depends and evolves over the spread of emotional attachment and with much more down to earth arguments over simplifying stuff. I will not disregard anything though every possibility is a probability.

Personally I think that this virus it is going to radically transform our way of living as well. The thing to worry is how often Pandemics occur compared with climate change. We used to had 2 3 pandemics every 100 year that number is surpassed the last 20 years already. It will get worse and it is a really complicated matter. It's been said we are pass the turning point I am the exact opposite of a conspiracy theorist but even I think we have.

Check out the African Locusts plague. it isn't a virus but it is way more serious than it sounds and the mainstream media do zero reference to it.

Speaking of HIV connections...

This is a long read, though might be an interesting one:

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

In Italy only 12% of reported nCOV19 deaths actually had nCOV19 as the main cause of death.
In UK flu is not notifiable as a cause of death but NCOV19 is. This vastly skews the figures.
Complete hysteria!

But if we didnt have Covid-19 then these people wouldnt have died? Along with the 100k other people who have died so far. Yes they may have been sick and compromised, but they wouldnt have died if we had no Covid-19.

Yes, they would have died! Maybe the next week or month, almost certainly within a year or two.
People who are very old, sick and immuno-compromised get taken by something pretty quickly.
Italy normally has about 17,000 flu deaths annually. For sure than number will be much lower this year as these death swap to NCOV19.

Of course they would have died we all die. Alot of them are old but would have lived a few more years!

fair enough, but what if the 88% of people didn't have the other issues they had? Would have they died then? it's a tough call to make but I get where you are coming from.

But to suggest that someone that had lung cancer or severe cardiovascular disease of some sort fore years but had a touch of Corona also died from Corona is absurd.

After this biggest false flag in history, I see only 2 possibilities, going forwards (if you can think of more, tell me! lol)
1/ The shoehorn into a one world government (communism through the back door)

2/ The 'Q train' are on the money, and it's the end of central banking. rothchilds, blah blah...

The second is preferable, (obviously), but I fear the fist one is the reality...

The middle ground.

I, also, tend to fluctuate between the optimism and pessimism attached to those opposite possible outcomes. Though at the crossover points, in the clarity, it seems there’s a quiet, calm wisdom that speaks vaguely, suggesting that the most probably outcome is neither one extreme or another, but any way it goes, there will always be light & shadows, and it will never be either as bad as the worst case or as good as the idealized one.

The fear is a tricky beast.

Also in those moments of clarity, it feels that that fear is the the only actual prison - that even if the global situation were to go the Orwellian route, soul sovereigntyis always within one’s own personal choice, and that remaining in love rather than fear will always produce a personal experience that’s nowhere as bad as the fears project it to be.

(And perhaps, that quantum flux and without an absolute collapse of the wave into a collective reality cannot happen, given each of us has that independent choice of whether to choose fear or love, thus producing a complete different world experience.

Having written that, maybe that is what is sort of what was meant with Dolores Cannon’s take on the earth splitting into both 3D and 5D.)

Full-spectrum, bro. Black and white is so last century. 😎

*and whatever the case...

The world will recover fine, it might just take a while. Countries may have there borders tight for up to 18 months until we find a vaccine and then things will slowly get back to normal. I am from New Zealand and our borders will be shut for some time. This is tough for a country that relies on tourism as one of its big earners. Countries might have to think how they operate and make money during these tough times.

New Zealand with have no problem in the new world order/chaos.

....All those billionaires flying in, the injection of cash will be immense!lol

CON ovirus is a bad flu.It's a false flag.

Vaccines are intended for mass population control, not health.

Nope is much worse than flu and also no immunity or vaccine meaning people are dieing. Cant compare to flu which no one should die from because there is a vaccine!!!

Vaccines are for making it so you cant catch a disease

Case mortality rates in many countries (including Australia, Israel, Russia, Chile) are similar to bad flu season.
In other countries it is higher but data skewing may be the cause. Italy's nCOV deaths (18k) are only slightly higher than its annual flu deaths (17k) and the death rate is really slowing there.
Flu vaccines are not that effective and have to be taken every year. That's why a lot of people don't take them.

This is a new virus and the chain of transmission is high. For everyone that catches it they infect 2 - 3 people and there is no immunity so this leads to exponential growth of infection, unlike the common Flu. People in Italy are still dieing at an alarming rate, and there could possibly be a second wave of infections once the draconian measures are eased.

Flu vaccines are not that effective and have to be taken every year. That's why a lot of people don't take them.
Who says they arent effective? They make you immune from the flu that sounds effective to me! And the majority of people who dont get the flu shot are those in poorer countries.

It is quite false that there is no immunity.
75-80% of people are naturally immune - the press doesn't talk about this but it is obvious from situations where everyone in a group (Diamond Princess, large family) is seriously exposed but only 20-25% get it.
What you are talking about is immunity from having had it before. need to check numbers so far of DEATHS.

....between 350,000, good season- to 650,000 PER year (bad winter season) of flu

Corona deaths so far this winter season 102,734 (and the numbers are being manipulated grossly - any death is being attributed to convid)

Do your own research, and if you do math - (and check out the fake reports worldwide) there is only one answer.

But theres a vaccine for the flu so should be not many deaths. There is no immunity to coronavirus and it will kill alot more its just getting started - exponential growth...

How do you know the numbers are being manipulated? Source? Surely governments would manipulate it the other way if anything... countries dont want to be know as having more deaths from this virus.

I check out the official stats everyday and only follow and trust reputable sources so i am well informed.

Maybe my view is also different cos i am from new zealand and our ministry of health has handled this all brilliantly and has been transparent the whole way 😁😁

I check out the official stats everyday and only follow and trust reputable sources so i am well informed.

WHO? - they have openly lied already (for example)

Anything based on science and not hearsay. When did they lie?

I actually think its the opposite to this. Many countries are under reporting cases and deaths or not testing enough to know the full extent of how spread the virus is. Hard because many people have the virus without any symptoms (which are probably not seen or tested), but can then pass on the virus without even knowing! Some countries have a testing rate of lower than 1% - cant see how they are supposed to know the extent of this virus with that small number!

On top of this, some countries are only reporting deaths from Covid that occur in the hospital, meaning that the death rate could be much higher. Some places are even falsely classifying some deaths as the common flu or pneumonia as a way to make it look better than it is. There has even been reports in the media (unconfirmed) that countries have developed mass graves - what does that say about the death rate...

Great piece and I can see it from your side, but there are two sides to every story and it depends where you look for your answer. There is alot of confirmation bias with Covid - if you want to believe something then you will find someone or something out there who agrees with you.

Yep. Skewed figures on all sides.

I've heard tales that there are some who figures half the world population already has it. But most don't develop any symptoms at all.

Which - were it the case - is reason enough to conclude that it's actually probably nowhere serious as it's been made out to be, as we're nearly at herd immunity already.

Surely, there's data available - or available to be collected and filtered accordingly - to prove pretty much any viewpoint one would choose.

Though of course, my point with this article was that: emphasizing that the data feeds we're getting are flawed.

And your comment is a great addition to the conversation, highlighting that as it is flawed, there are likely to be distortions on both sides...

It's such a controversial topic because regardless of whether what you have written is true, I still have to live in a big city where everyone is following the same story.

What are some practical things we can do for ourselves in these times to better ourselves for the sort of global agenda we may be facing?

Leaving the mind in doom and gloom is ok if it's true and it's also important to just face the raw ugly world, but we need to shift our mind to solutions.

What are some practical things we can do for ourselves in these times to better ourselves for the sort of global agenda we may be facing?

This may just be the stimulus for my next video, as feel like the answer would flow better in audio rather than writing...

Good, I look forward to it. Please tag me if you can so I don't miss it.

What about including a basic model for a small cashless economy for community living?

For sure.

Not my particular interest, though I know there many who are looking at and doing such things. Came across some article about a community of 2500 in India doing that recently, actually...

Ok, sounds interesting. Know a link to that community somewhere?

Well what's some of the solutions you wish to offer? Care to share a bit here? Might help you prepare for the video, and we can brainstorm.


year 2020 has been rough and full of new things. talking about this cv i am getting tired of it as whenever i open the news to read headline is always full of the cv news