#filmyourhospitals: Why Are People Filming EMPTY Hospitals...?

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There are times I tend to be ahead of the pack. And then there are times I'm behind.

This time, I can't tell which is the case.


Stumbled across an amazing new trending hashtag tonight:


It's well-worth going and checking out on Facebook and Twitter.

What will you find?

People all around the U.S. going around and filming hospitals... that are empty.

Yep. That's right folks.

No fabricated television productions. Just normal, everyday people who've ventured out to the hospitals in major American cities that mainstream media has been telling everyone are overflowing with dying coronavirus patients... finding them empty.

I dunno how this stuff could be faked.

So if I'm the one being played here, please enlighten me.

Otherwise, do what thou wilt with this info.


Amazing America. Here in Thailand we have 64 million people on lockdown - their businesses being destroyed. This is a country with no unemployment benefits and no safety nets. How many cases does Thailand actually have in the already 3 months since we have seen corona virus cases? 2500ish. And only 43 deaths, the causes of which are dubious. I know of 2 cases where the person was already in a coma (due to renal failure and Dengue Fever respectively), THEN they got the virus and THEN they "died of corona".

It is a staggering piece of global theatre.

It's stuff like this that makes me believe confirmation bias is one of the strongest forces in the Universe (we see what we expect to see, most of the time).

In Croatia, Covid-19 is all anyone is talking about, and yet health clinics and most of the hospitals are empty, half empty or barely above the average (I have friends working at two of the biggest hospitals in Zagreb). And those that are above average don't have any big issues other than panic and the inconvenience of wearing protective gear around the clock.

I am sure that there are doctors and nurses going through a rough time, but as my doctor friend says, that has always been true.

I find it hard to believe that this is all orchestrated top-down, but something stinks like a can of sardines that someone opened and left under the bed.

I am a proponent of the theory that our society is undergoing the greatest self-deception ever perpetrated on itself. In essence, the people are propagandizing themselves into a panic and economic suicide.

We are being played. (the royal 'we', not me personally. lol)

The sheer amount of these type of vids from citizen journalists - from all around the world - are saying the same thing.
The biggest false flag in the history of the world...

HUGE false flag! I never expected a hashtag to become of it, thought i was the only one looking 🤣

'tis a sad indictment to Stockholm syndrome being in effect, and working remarkably well.

I think things are changing quite quickly, though. People can think clearer once the panic has subsided.(I'm an optimist)

I bet to that some will wake up as the bubble pops! People are still allowed to travel if they have a justified reason - whi h translated to me means "if you can blag the police at the trainstations and airports, your a freeman"

People are believing that all flights are cancelled, but I took a snap of this boarding pass I found on a train..

Fuck i cant find it 🤣 anyway it was from a flight Bucharest- Madrid 10 April 🤣

Did you find somewhere to crash, btw?
(sleep, not wreck your bike!lol)

Oh yes😀 Im at a place in nature now since a week at aplace i lived at 8 years back! Happens to be that @trucklife-family has lived here since a good few years aswell and she gave me a caravan to use

About three weeks ago I had to go to the doctor for pain in my foot and lower leg. When I got to the doctors office (which isn't near a hospital) the parking lot was practically empty. When I went inside all the other offices in this medical complex was closed down. For me to believe that this is a hoax I would have to believe that every doctor, nurse, dentist, orthodontist, etc., were in on it or that these people who all work in this building never associate with one another outside of work, the reality of that just doesn't jive. It just doesn't make any sense that other professionals would say to themselves once they hear of the master hoax that that sounds like fun, I am in for losing thousands of dollars a day. That just don't add up. Just like it wouldn't add up that every doctor, nurse, specialist, scientist or anybody else involved here across the whole entire globe would commit to keeping this big hoax secret not just from other professionals they know or associate with but their families and friends. I mean really, that would be the ultimate, super duper, tremendously huge, outrageously unheard of best kept secret in the world. So what happened with my foot?....I continued on to the doctors office upstairs where a girl looking half bored out of her head with a mask and face shield questioned me as to if I had been sick or ran a fever before telling me to go on in, the doctor said I may have compressed some nerves in my foot but to make sure they could send me down to the hospital for xrays and a blood draw to see if there was something else wrong to which I responded no thanks I think I'll just go back home and see if it gets better on it's own.

Well... I never meant to imply - if it had at all come across like that - that this is an entirely a hoax... rather, that that there are serious questions to be raised about why mainstream media has been selling the population a story that does not at all reflect reality.

According to news, hospitals are overtaxed, having lineups of people coming to get tested, overflowing with dead bodies, etc.

These reports from citizen journalists actually checking all these hospitals out: completely different. Why?

And for further context - which probably would’ve been good to include in the post itself - you gotta look at the past track record of MSM manufacturing stories. Excellent case in point: part 5 of Fall Of The Cabal:

In specific areas they are. The guy who started it all Todd Starnes and because of his high profile got the hospital administrator to one of the hospitals to take him around and show him the reality. Just because there are no activities happening when people show up, like them bringing bodies out and putting them in refrigeration trucks, doesn't mean it isn't happening it just wasn't happening while that individual went there. Same with testing, if they went there when testing wasn't open up for the day then no one would be there as it's by appointment. People can do the same thing as MSM if they want to sell an agenda. Many want to do exactly that right now as they are mad they feel their freedoms have been taken away. Showing empty hospital parking lots doesn't prove anything because that's the whole reason for the shut downs, that point escapes people. Keeping people away from the hospitals and medical facilities as to not contaminate them making them useless to do just about anything. This is the reason people saw videos of people falling dead in China and bodies laying on the sidewalks. Some people in China died and it had nothing to do at all with the virus as much as they had a heart attack and couldn't get into or taken to a hospital because they were flooded with people.

As dishonest as it probably was I think this is another reason we seen claims of bad test equipment given as a reason for not passing out testing kits. If they had given out test everyone with so much as a sniffle would have ran to the doctor, med centers and hospitals contaminating them. They had to set up systems to test people away from hospital and medical facilities. In those regards we had an advantage that other countries didn't have as we seen what was happening there and took evasive actions to keep it from happening here.

Here's the reality that I see going forward. These field hospitals being build in high density areas isn't just all about what is transpiring now but what will transpire as they move forward opening the economy back up. Basically if this virus doesn't slow during the summer months as many influenza's do there will be still be quite a heavy case load once people return to normal activity. This will play out much similar to the old tuberculosis hospitals of years in the past where people will be sent to covid facilities with the most severe cases handled in designated ICU wards. The harsh reality is that in order not to let the country slip into a deep depression that could result in a worse situation then we are in that will entail basically that people fall in the line of duty to get the economy up and running again, it's a sad reality but a fact none the less.

Very interesting. I have been toying around with the need to hit my emergency room up. I have a wound on my leg that has been taking a long time to get better and I am a bit worried about infection. I have meds that were given to my by my doctor, but they said I should be prepared to head to the hospital if things turn South. If it comes to that, I will for sure take some pictures. :)

Dont go to the hospital for help 🤣 you might get a needle in the arm "just to be safe" 😀

I have to fight them off every year from trying to give me the flu vaccine.

Exactly! Roll up roll up, come get them for free because we care for you, have a great day, love from BigPharma 🤣

Interesting! I think there are many reasons why hospitals are empty. One of them could be that it's all a big theater that they've set up in the best style of the movie The Truman Show. The detail is that many of us don't know the script and are buying into the plot. Also, and I don't want to be the devil's advocate, that many people are avoiding going to the hospital for fear of contagion and those who are already infected, are placed in precise hospitals, used especially in this case. In Venezuela, the order is that if you feel bad, call a number and the medical team goes to your house to check you. They have reported that this is a way to prevent the spread of the virus. However, it is curious to see empty hospitals, especially when they have said they are collapsed. Greetings, @rok-sivante

Something about these vids doesn’t add up. In “normal” times, hospitals are never empty, why would they be empty now?


I can't speak for any of the videos of American hospitals and they might be manipulations, but in Croatia there has been a drastic decrease in patients at hospitals - many surgeries, chemo treatments and physical exams have been postponed. I know at least half a dozen people with medical issues that are waiting for the lockdown to expire to be able to seek treatment.

Glad these people are bringing us truth unlike the MSM.

Many of the hospitals in Ghana as well are empty. We have about 450 case with 8 deaths. I think it's a global phenomenon. Nevertheless, it's not to implicate that the Corona virus is non existent and probably a hoax. The stigma itself is what has led to empty hospitals now , I believe

If we cant accept that a huge case of Stockholm Sydrome has accured, then let the great divide of the 'shift' continue 😀