The strange world of Crystalliu

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He Spams the fuck out of the chain, but he don't earn no Hive because we all flag hime to zero, he wastes his his entire DV power by retaliating with wild downvote frenzies against people who DV him. He ain't got no friends, and he transfers large sums backwards and forwards between his alt accounts on a daily basis, for no apparent reason.

He's a bizarre character for sure.... go drop him a flag sometime, let's encourage him to leave this chain, for everyone's benefit including his own - we'd all be far better off if he found something more positive to do with his time and skills.

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He's obviously pretty smart to fiddle the system like that. I am surprised peakd do not ignore his reordering as I do not see others do it. He also does not seem to care that he has all these funds tied up. He does not seem to be selling his HIVE unless it's via one of his other accounts. The transfers may be throw us off the scent, but I am sure someone could script something to reveal if any is leaving the system. I think he has loads of accounts he can use. He is basically trolling us.

I had not seen was up and running. Good to know.

Yes I think he probably is a troll. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Now I can just ignore him, except for the occasional check in for flagging!

I like to pay crystalmeth a visit about once a week to do a bit of Hive cleaning so to speak. I remember getting a retaliatory DV then he would zero it out, then upvote, then zero, then downvote. Weird?!?! Hence the name crystalmeth. He couldn’t quite get the hands to move as fast as the brain or visa versa.

I am pretty sure someone is removing any rewards before payout but all of us should keep sending DV’s so that the account doing the final cleaning doesn’t have to work as hard. Every little bit counts.

I agree, he certainly is an odd character.

Good nick name!

Crack... Meth eh close enough.

Those custom json set as last read are actually what steempeak and peakd use to set notifications as read.

Oh ok... Dyou think he’s modifying them to disguise his feed?

I wonder if that fact he's using the same perma link for every post is why it's not showing up in his blog or profile. Could be that the frontends are getting confused or something.

Actually that is exactly it, even though he's making 100s of posts if they have the same perma link frontends only show the latest one I think.

No, if he uses the same permlink, it just updates it. Its how the edit feature works.

Really a weird behavior

How do you know it's a He? 🤔

Just a hunch!

Oh okay. I suspect the same as well. Was just asking

I would guess the odds of a semi-techie who has an unhealthy obsession with an Asian actress being a dude are fairly high.

Can't argue with analysis that's so sound. 😆

I triggered some revenge downvotes against my posts. It looks like my haiku rebuke was not well-received.

I think @adm is taking care of him, there seems to be some automation in his posts.

I think his days here are numbered for sure!

He leeching rewards on the steem. This guy is a parasite. Keep up the good work and let’s flag this guy into oblivion.