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I got to know about this nice initiative by @theycallmedan yesterday and was thinking about what I actually need to know from another Hiver!

As we interact with many users daily, it's obvious that some questing will pop in our minds about them. Now, this is the opportunity to ask them, I guess. I actually have several questions or I would say curiosity to know more from a different hiver. Maybe I would make more 'asking question' vlogs; I guess. But for today, I'm asking some questions to @madushanka.

So my question is, why there are so few people in Hive from Sri Lanka? Don't they know about Hive or crypto or they are not interested?

I would look forward to your answer @madushanka.


Much Love

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Thanks for asking question through #CommunityAMA Initiative @rem-steem. I'll give my response tomorrow.

Take your time. :)

You speak nicely and ask nice questions. I am weak in English so it takes a long time to make a video. Which is annoying to see anyone 😋. Through your question I will find the answer from him and thank you for making so many good videos.
best of luck apu..

Thanks for your compliment. It means a lot to me.
If you vlog regularly, I guess you can improve a lot.
Stay well. Happy Ramadan!

Happy Ramadan apu..
I will try my best. Stay home stay safe..