It's high time to search for another earning source!

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The world after COVID-19 wouldn't be the same, for many of us. More or less it will gonna affect us. Maybe not financially that much but in many ways.

But I think we have to approve that we will face financial issues. Millions of people are losing jobs, small business is shutting down, new job hunters are not finding anything and there are thousands of uncertainty coming up for us.

I believe it's high time to think about another alternative source of income. It may take time to grow a skill, but as we are already going great on this platform so it will be easy for us.

What do you think?


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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are best sources of earnings right now because it's very diversified ecosystem and also looks very promising for future

And, the price is raising even in this situation. So why not?
Thanks for sharing your thought!

You're welcome

Yes, crypto could be a good source of earning in the future.

That's what I also believe. And when local stock markets are going low crypto is raising.

definitely agree. with most countries loosing 5% of their GDP in this recession, and unemployment rate sky rocketing, the few ways one can get an income afterwards is to create income through producing one self in areas where demand has shifted and become independent. Bangladesh is loosing out in the economy as well as many clothing producers have cancelled clothing orders.

That's the point. We all have to face the negative impact very soon. I hope everyone finds a way out!

Thanks for your motivational speech @rem-steem....

My pleasure!
:) :)