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I have so many questions in my mind!

Today, I'm gonna ask some questions to one of my favorite Hiver @anggreklestari. Her cooking always fascinated me. And the reason why I'm asking her these questions is, 'I have to cook every single day and I hate it'. I need to learn how she manages to enjoy cooking so much!

So, I would love to know-
What's your inspiration for cooking?and From where you learned cooking?

I hope I will also find the passion for cooking someday!

Thanks to @theycallmedan for this #communityAMA initiate. Otherwise, I may not ask and learn things from others Hivers this way.


Much Love

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I had my University degree in 'Public Administration' and later did my Post Graduation in 'Human Resource Management'. I also gathered experience working with HR in a multinational Organization. Besides that and most importantly; I'm a life & nature enthusiast, I love to learn human psychology, I'm a 'Book worm' and very introvert but also love to travel. I'm trying to live mindfully and sure, I'm a positive learner.

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Nice post and good question 👏😁

Thanks :)

Thanks, dear for your question. Hope I can make a video soon. :)

That will be very kind of you :)