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RE: State of Hive - Let's Talk About It

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We are in the fire all of the time, just in a different scenario.
Working with broken down people for free. Many of them professionals and university graduates.
Education is the name of the game.

The free market doesn't care, but somebody has to.
We are working on something very interesting here on crypto that will help and enable us to not only to draw many here, but also to offer them a new future.
The good thing is that we don't want any funding.

A great inspirational talk here.


Sounded like a whole lot of platitudes to me. How can one talk about a free market in a stake based economy. This guy is at the pinnacle of that economy. What are the chances of SPS funding without the V.22.2 Cabal's support? They will be milking that slush fund, which makes HIVE appear more decentralised, because all of STINC's stake is out of an account and hidden in the SPS slush fund.